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    Fillon and Trump: the nepotism boys


    President Trump and France’s would-be President Fillon face nepotism charges, but the playbook for both appears to pretend the rules simply don’t apply. Paul Hodgson reports.

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    Ethics lessons from the Flint water crisis


    Flint’s lead-poisoned water is more than just a technical failure, writes Jaclyn Jaeger. It’s a systemic governmental failure with leadership as toxic as Flint’s water itself.

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    No, Bill, there is no Santa Claus


    Like any business, journalism is susceptible to ethical failures. But for a profession predicated on telling the truth, the problem is existential. Bill Coffin has more.

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    Fostering an ethical culture with training


    Culture is the holy grail of ethics and compliance programs, but it’s also the one area that ethics and compliance officers struggle with the most. Jaclyn Jaeger explores today’s innovative solutions inside.

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    Former Southwest CEO: Harnessing an ethical culture


    During a keynote address at a recent NAVEX conference, Howard Putnam, former CEO of Southwest Airlines and Braniff International Airways, spoke candidly about harnessing the business value of an ethical culture. Jaclyn Jaeger has more.

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    Conflicts of interest already hound Trump


    President-elect Trump won the White House by offering a break from politics as usual. But he is already displaying a worrying array of conflicts of interest, writes Bill Coffin.

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    On Remembrance Sunday, a lesson in culture and compliance


    International compliance is far easier said than done. Take it from a clueless American traveling abroad, writes Bill Coffin.

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    A simple, brutal solution to dishonesty


    To contain bad behavior, we need first to understand why we behave badly. Or do we? Perhaps sometimes the harshest compliance solutions are the least empathic … and the most effective. Bill Coffin has more.

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    Internal controls: trust but verify


    Tom Fox looks at the recent scandal at Wells Fargo leading to the Consumer Finance Protection Board’s $185 fine and the firing of more than 5,000 employees after basically telling them: “It’s OK to break the law, as long as we make money.”

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    U.K. boardrooms still ‘pale, male, and stale’


    Across the United Kingdom and Europe, gender diversity requirements often go unmet, keeping boardrooms across the continent the same old boys’ club. Neil Hodge has more.

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    To really improve corporate culture, it must be measurable


    The days of viewing culture as a hazy intangible are over, given regulator interest in using the efficiency of cultural programs as benchmarks for everything from indictment decisions to penalties. Corporate culture, says Jose Tabuena, needs to be subject to performance benchmarks, like anything else.

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    An employee suicide and corporate culture


    The Man From FCPA Tom Fox examines the recent suicide of an executive with Abbot Laboratories in India and what happens when the numbers are more important than employees’ well-being.

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    Sports Direct is a Victorian workhouse or a gulag, not a warehouse


    A case of shocking workplace conditions within a European Union-era United Kingdom raises an unsettling question, says Paul Hodgson: Once Brexit occurs, will cases like this become more likely?

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    FRC: U.K. corporate culture needs serious work


    The United Kingdom’s Financial Reporting Council has released a report of observations on overall U.K. corporate culture and highlighted a number of ways in which boards and management can make some much-needed adjustments. Neil Hodge has more.

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    New gold standard for ethics and compliance programs


    A first-of-its-kind report issued by the Ethics and Compliance Initiative aims to to provide ethics and compliance officers with a new gold standard for which to develop a high-quality ethics and compliance program. Jaclyn Jaeger looks at five core principles identified in the report.

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    Experts talk on boosting hotline effectiveness


    A recent hotline analysis from NAVEX Global has identified ways in which companies could improve their helpline programs, including shortening the median case closure time. Karen Kroll provides an in-depth look at the results.

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    In Brazil, accountability has to start somewhere


    The effort to unseat embattled Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff is receiving criticism because it is really an effort by her even more corrupt rivals to grab power. While that may be correct, does it matter, asks Editor Bill Coffin. Or is it just a handy excuse for giving Rousseff and ...

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    The cost of integrity


    Image: At the Global Ethics Summit, GE General Counsel and SVP Alex Dimitrief talked about what it means to promote a culture of integrity and the true costs of ethical lapses. When a business goes astray, it’s not a call for added workflows or approvals, he said. It’s a sign ...

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    Volkswagen: A lesson in implicit versus explicit rules and regulations


    As uncertainty swirls around what Volkswagen executives knew or did not know about the company’s emissions cheating, this much seems certain: To achieve accountability going forward, Volkswagen executives must commit to creating a corporate culture in which employees and executives follow the same codes of conduct. Inside, guest columnist JTI ...

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    Top Five Ethics and Compliance Failures of 2015


    Same story, different year: pressure from senior leaders, a laissez-faire attitude toward bribery and corruption, and middle managers that neither practice nor value a robust culture of ethics and compliance all resulted in some of the biggest corporate faux pas of 2015. Inside is Compliance Week’s list of the top ...