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    Game of War


    Image: When it comes to video games, there are violent games, games that are objectionably violent, and then there are games that actually manage to cross an ethical line in the sand. So when CW Editor Bill Coffin’s son asked for a game for Christmas that hit that third category, ...

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    The Mast Brothers Meltdown


    For years, Mast Brothers, a brand of high-end, artisanal bean-to-bar chocolate, has proven to be an unlikely success story, making small batches of expensive chocolate bars from its humble operation in the heart of the hipster world—the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. But when Dallas-based food writer Scott Craig ...

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    Don’t Let Bad Culture Short-Circuit Your Training


    A compliance training program is only as effective as the corporate culture it stands upon—which means employee cynicism and fear of retaliation need to be addressed first if you ever hope your training program will matter. Inside we look at how CCOs can combat cynicism, even when it takes a ...

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    University Compliance Programs Taking Shape


    Image: Big compliance changes are afoot in higher education, as more universities hire their first enterprise-wide compliance officer—a trend that took flight in 2013 and keeps on going. “[A]cademic medical centers aside, a central compliance function is a newer concept than in the corporate world,” says Robert Roach, CCO of ...

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    Confounding Hints on CCO Success


    Image: Everyone knows that independent chief compliance officers make for a better compliance program, right? Um, perhaps we need to think again: New data suggests that companies with compliance reporting into the general counsel tend to be more effective. The lesson may not be one of inherent superiority, says LRN’s ...

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    More Banks Tying Pay to Corporate Values


    More financial institutions, facing pressure from regulators and investors, are starting to tie compensation practices to ethical behavior and appropriate risk-taking—although progress has been slow. “A consistent leadership culture is necessary in which corporate values, business strategy, and formal incentives support each other,” said Jürgen Fitschen, co-chair of the group ...

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    Resolving Compliance and HR Turf Wars


    Image: Compliance and HR have been tussling for years over which function owns company culture, when the truth is both have a crucial role to play. “If HR and compliance could come together and realize and accept that they’re on the same team … it could be a really powerful ...

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    The Compliance Officer’s Role in Driving CSR Efforts


    As corporate social responsibility becomes a business norm across Europe, two questions for compliance officers are what role they should play, and how they can leverage a vibrant CSR effort to enhance corporate culture and values. In part two of our look at CSR programs, this week we explore how ...

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    EU Companies Face CSR Reporting Mandate in 2016


    Image: This week Compliance Week starts a series on corporate sustainability, asking the most basic question of all: Will sustainability reporting ever be required? Yes, at least in the European Union. Inside we look at the state of CSR in Europe, and what role compliance officers are likely to play. ...

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    Still Working on Culture After All These Years


    Five years ago, the Dodd-Frank Act imposed new rules governing everything from derivatives trades and mortgage lending to disclosures about executive compensation and conflict mineral usage. Have all those requirements really helped companies master a stronger ethical culture? Inside, we look at what steps some companies have taken to promote ...

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    Building a Compliance Ambassador Network


    Sure, compliance officers do not have to fulfill their company’s ethics and compliance mission alone, but building a network of compliance ambassadors (or champions, or liaisons, or whatever you call your helpers) can be laborious. Inside, we asked compliance officers from Lockheed, GenCorp, DTE Energy, and elsewhere how they built ...

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    Successor to ECOA Will Launch Certification Effort


    More news from the groups formerly known as the Ethics & Compliance Officer Association and the Ethics Resource Center: The two have been subsumed into a new “Ethics & Compliance Initiative,” which has spawned a third wing, the Ethics & Compliance Certification Institute, to certify compliance professionals. More inside.

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    Mitigating FCPA Risks in Pharma, Med Device Sectors


    Image: SEC Enforcement Director Andrew Ceresney recently dropped new hints on FCPA risks for pharma and medical devices, plus suggestions on how to avoid those risks. “Our FCPA focus obviously covers many industries,” he said. “But the pharma industry is one on which we have been particularly focused in recent ...

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    Hotline Benchmark Report Shows Improvements


    A new report from NAVEX Global says the “substantiation rates” for employee hotline calls—that is, the number of complaints found to be worth investigating—more than doubled from 12 percent in 2013 to 27 percent in 2014. “This significant increase may be a sign that ethics and compliance program leaders are ...

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    Kaiser Permanente’s Approach to Case Management


    Effective case management is crucial to a compliance program, but developing a process—flexible enough to juggle different types of issues, systematic enough to resolve cases in a timely manner—is the tricky part. This week in a guest column, Marita Janiga, director of the National Special Investigations Unit and the Compliance ...

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    Paths to Globalizing Your Code of Conduct


    Image: A thoughtful and well-drafted Code of Conduct is the cornerstone of any strong corporate compliance program. Making that cornerstone strong enough to support a compliance program worldwide, spanning all manner of cultures—that’s the tricky part. “We’re constantly trying to figure out better ways to deliver our message while keeping ...

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    OECD Updates Views on Governance


    The OECD has received an earful about proposed revisions to its principles of corporate governance, guidelines it encourages countries to adopt much the way they already follow its principles for anti-corruption. Some say the revisions dwell too much on company-level reforms, and not enough at the country-level to allow flexible ...

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    SEC Whistleblower Program’s Latest Threat: Its Success


    Corporate compliance officers may have a new reason to be uncomfortable with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s whistleblower program: how well it appears to be working. Tips are flooding into the SEC, including 3,620 in fiscal year 2014 alone. “The SEC has institutionally embraced the whistleblower statute,” says Brian Kenney, ...

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    Making Codes of Conduct More Usable and Engaging


    Image: Title: BanksMany companies are looking to breathe more life into their staid and dusty codes of conduct. They’re cutting out the legal language and paying more attention to design and usability. Some leading companies are putting them online with multi-media aspects, including videos. “You want to present information so ...

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    Wanted: Compliance Officers With Leadership, Communication Skills


    Image: Chief compliance officers are still in high demand, but the skills that companies are looking for in top candidates are changing. Companies are seeking compliance leaders who have the ability to influence others, communicate effectively, and build relationships with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders, including regulators. ...