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    Survey: public underestimates CEO pay, still outraged


    Image: A recent survey of 1,202 individuals by Stanford University’s Rock Center for Corporate Governance shows the American public believes CEOs take home much more in compensation than they deserve. “While we find that members of the public are not particularly knowledgeable about how much CEOs actually make in annual ...

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    ISS Updates Guidance on Executive Compensation Policies


    Leading proxy adviser ISS has updated guidance, in the form of “frequently asked questions,” regarding its approach to executive compensation policies. The document is intended as a general discussion about the way ISS will analyze certain issues in the context of preparing proxy analyses and determining vote recommendations for U.S. ...

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    Report: CEOs Already Raked in More Than the Average Employee


    By the end of the first Tuesday of 2016, FTSE 100 chief executives will have earned more than the average full-time employee, said a report released by U.K. think-tank High Pay Centre. The survey said that chief executives were paid out roughly £4.96 million a year, while the average U.K. ...

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    Center on Executive Compensation Names Senior Strategic Advisor


    The Center on Executive Compensation, a research and advocacy organization that seeks to provide a principles-based approach to executive compensation policy from the perspective of the senior human resource officers of leading companies, has appionted Richard Floersch as senior strategic advisor.

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    Prepping the Audit Committee for 2016 Proxy Season


    The 2016 proxy season will bring much scrutiny as usual, but two developments in corporate governance—the new COSO framework, and the Audit Quality Indicator project—might help committees manage the workload better. Inside, columnists Stephen Davis and Jon Lukomnik review how compliance officers can use those tools to help audit committees ...

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    Disclosure Update: How Companies Are Tackling Comp Rules


    The Dodd-Frank Act brims with new disclosure demands regarding executive compensation. Slowly but surely—emphasis on slowly—the SEC has been issuing rules on clawbacks, pay for performance, and the dreaded pay ratio rule. This week, we look at those three measures and what companies have done so far to comply with ...

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    Survey: Boards Hate Pay Ratio Rule, Cool With Clawbacks


    Not surprisingly, most board members remain unconvinced that the pay ratio disclosure rule enacted by the SEC is worth the paper it is printed on, according to a survey by BDO USA. An SEC proposal requiring the disclosure of communications between the audit committee and the external auditor was similarly ...

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    Companies Continue Shift Toward Restricted Stock Awards


    Large public companies continue their shift away from stock options toward restricted stock in 2014, according the latest annual analysis by PwC of stock compensation assumptions and disclosures.

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    Piwowar Jabs Again at Pay Ratio Rule


    Image: SEC Commissioner Michael Piwowar has taken the rare step of publishing a second statement opposing the newly adopted pay ratio disclosure rule (not to be confused with his first statement of outrage last week). The length and tone of the statement add fuel to the theory that his criticisms ...

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    SEC Adopts Divisive Pay Ratio Rule


    The Securities and Exchange Commission’s pay ratio rule is now final, approved by a 3-2 vote on Wednesday. The rule requires a comparison of CEO pay to the compensation of the median employee. Concessions to corporate concerns include the ability to exclude up to 5 percent of non-U.S. employees when ...

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    Why Obsess Over CEO Pay? Well, Why Wouldn’t We?


    Image: While we all await the SEC’s final CEO pay ratio disclosure rule this week, let’s remember the ethical subtext beneath all this: CEO pay is still too large for most people’s liking, and income inequality is too. Until companies learn how to solve those challenges internally as a governance ...

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    SEC Sets Aug. 5 Date for Considering Final Pay Ratio Rule


    The wait is over. On Aug. 5, the Securities and Exchange Commission will consider whether to adopt a rule requiring public companies to disclose the ratio of the annual total compensation of the chief executive officer to the median of the annual total compensation of the company’s employees. The proposed ...

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    SEC Goes Beyond SOX with Clawback Proposal


    The SEC has proposed another controversial executive compensation rule per the Dodd-Frank Act: a clawback requirement for erroneously awarded compensation, that applies to the CEO, CFO, and numerous other corporate executive officers. If adopted as proposed, the rule will go well beyond previous clawback requirements under Sarbanes-Oxley. More inside.

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    Is CEO Pay Over the Top?


    Proxy season is now over, littered with the usual adjectives about CEO pay: “supersized,” “outsized,” “piggish,” “outrageous,” and “embarrassing.” This week, columnist Rick Steinberg sounds a cautionary note amid the complaints—that CEOs are still critical to an organization, and hiring the right one encompasses a blizzard of detail. The board ...

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    The Ever-Growing CD&A Disclosure Battles


    Image: Proxy season may be winding down now, but expect a long summer of debate about disclosure of executive pay. This week Compliance Week offers a trio of articles about compensation, starting with all the new pressures on Compensation Discussion & Analysis. “There is still a bit of a push-pull, ...

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    Survey: Shareholder Pressure Prompts Boards to Rethink Compensation


    Nearly 60 percent of companies say their boards expanded compensation explanations in proxy statements as a result of shareholder feedback, and almost one-third of those boards changed executive compensation plans outright in response to pressure from investors. Those findings come from the National Association of Corporate Directors and respondents to ...

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    Latest Pay Disclosure: Bring on the Metrics, Break Out the Peers


    Image: Compensation committees and external reporting executives should brace for impact from the SEC’s newest addition to executive compensation disclosure: pay-for-performance rules. The detailed new disclosures (tagged in XBRL, no less) will be extensive, the consequences for executive pay unknown. “How useful is this information really going to be? To ...

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    SEC Proposes Pay-Versus-Performance Disclosure Rule


    The SEC has proposed a new pay-for-performance disclosure rule, requiring companies to report the relationship between compensation paid to named executive officers and the Total Shareholder Return of both the company and its peer group. The proposal marks the first time the Commission will require data tagging in the XBRL ...

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    SEC Eyes ‘Pay for Performance’ Rules Next Week


    The SEC will hold an open meeting April 29 to take action on pay-for-performance disclosure rules required by the Dodd-Frank Act. The Commission will consider rules stemming from Section 953 of Dodd-Frank, requiring public companies to disclose the relationship between executive pay and incentives with the financial performance of the ...

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    ISS: CEO Pay Jumps 13 Percent Among Early Filers


    The average compensation package for CEOs in the United States rose nearly 13 percent in 2014, driven by increasingly valuable pension plans, according to new research from Institutional Shareholder Services that analyzed early filers in the Russell 3000 index. Among firms that use equity compensation, the median grant date value ...