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    FBI Agent David Makol Rejoins SEC as Forensic Accountant


    Back in 2012, I recommended a "must-read" article by WSJ reporters Susan Pulliam, Michael Rothfeld and Jenny Strasburg about FBI agent David Makol. The article provided some fascinating insight into the tactics that Makol, then the FBI's go-to guy for "flipping" suspects in insider trading investigations, used so successfully in ...

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    FBI Establishes International Corruption Squads


    The Federal Bureau of Investigation, in conjunction with the Department of Justice’s Fraud Section, recently established another weapon in the battle against foreign bribery and kleptocracy-related criminal activity: three dedicated international corruption squads, based in New York City, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. Details inside.

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    Level Global Co-Founder Files Lawsuit Against Prosecutors, FBI Agents


    Remember back in November 2010 when the FBI launched a series of raids on hedge funds including Level Global Investors LP and Diamondback Capital Management LLC? These raids ultimately led to the convictions of Level Global co-founder Anthony Chiasson and Diamondback Capital’s Todd Newman on criminal insider trading charges. Shortly ...

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    FBI Recruiting New Wave of Cyber Agents


    The FBI is actively trying to hire a new wave of Special Agents with specialized cyber skills to help it "protect the United States against cyber-based attacks and high-technology crimes." In a recent FBI job posting for "Special Agent (Cyber)," the FBI emphasized that the position is for applicants ...