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  • Visibility

    The five pillars of visibility


    Learn key advice on how to raise your professional profile, whether you are working as a compliance professional in a permanent role for one company or as an independent contractor.

  • AI

    The dark side of deep fakes


    We are not the only ones benefiting from the convenience of new technologies like generative artificial intelligence. Scammers are, too.

  • U.K. money laundering

    Lessons learned from FCA case against CFP Management MLRO


    The U.K. Financial Conduct Authority’s decision notice against the money laundering reporting officer of CFP Management sends a strong message to the financial industry, particularly those who work in senior management functions or hold oversight responsibilities.

  • Teamwork

    Five ways to build a top ethics and compliance team


    Luciane Mallmann, head of ethics and compliance for U.K. and Ireland at real estate services company JLL, shares how embedding ethics and compliance into culture, strategy, and operations can add value to a business and its people.

  • AML Euros

    A day in the life of an MLRO


    Discover the key responsibilities and skills of a money laundering reporting officer from Jason Holt, global head of financial crimes compliance at U.K-based investment manager abrdn.

  • Behavioranalysis

    Recent claims cast doubt on legitimacy of behavioral science


    Assessing allegations of data manipulation in psychological studies involving a Harvard Business School professor, Paul Eccleson asks whether we can trust research on behavioral science.

  • Investigations

    Financial crime investigations: Leveling up


    The drive toward upskilling in the field of investigations is not exclusive to the law enforcement and intelligence communities. Investigations knowledge and expertise among those working within industry will also become an increasingly valued commodity.

  • Suspicious activity

    The importance of quality SARs


    Good suspicious activity reports make it easier for financial intelligence units to prioritize and process investigations, enabling better results in the global fight against financial crime.

  • Training

    Creating impactful compliance training


    Speakers as part of a webinar hosted by the International Compliance Association discuss practical tips for engaging learners via compliance training beyond the traditional tick-box approach.

  • Cybercrime

    MOVEit ransomware attack shows sophistication of cybercriminals


    In an era marked by an increase in digital threats, it’s vital to understand how sophisticated cybercriminal syndicates like Clop can impact the financial sector.

  • Money

    The importance of protecting client money


    In today’s financial landscape, protecting client money and assets is a fundamental requirement of an effective compliance program. If client money is not protected, firms can suffer serious consequences.

  • Forced labor hands

    Survey: Social risks in supply chain prove vexing for GRC professionals


    Respondents to a survey conducted by the International Compliance Association said they were confident they understood and are properly monitoring the social risks in their companies’ supply chains, though blind spots regarding cultures and strategic plans remain.

  • AILaw

    Expert: It’s time to embrace artificial intelligence


    The rapid rate at which technology is developing is staggering, particularly in relation to artificial intelligence. Can we, as compliance practitioners, keep up?

  • Inflation concept

    Inflation: A breeding ground for financial crime


    Inflation has ripple effects on individuals and businesses, posing a wide variety of threats to the economy. It not only affects a country’s financial stability but also results in increased financial crime rates.

  • procrasination_web

    Procrastination and the art of putting things off


    We’ve all been in a situation where we have put something off and regretted it. That’s always painful, so let’s get on with things positively. Starting now.

  • Business agreement

    Five tips to secure your first role in compliance


    Are you interested in taking that first step into a compliance career but aren’t sure where to start? Consider the following suggestions.

  • Place blame

    Corporate conformity and ‘blame culture’


    Conformity can be a powerful force for good, but the same urge to conform can also lead to a toxic culture with an unhealthy atmosphere for employees and customers alike.

  • Risk reward

    Is threat of regulatory censure a risk worth taking?


    When making anti-regulatory decisions, a board is expressing its real risk appetite. This can be frustrating, even bewildering, for compliance professionals, especially when rules are clear and explicit in their expectations.

  • NatWest

    Lessons in preventing AML failures


    Anybody working in financial services will know enormous effort is made to ensure their institution is on the right side of the law. Why, then, do such failures continue to exist? And crucially, what can be done to prevent their recurrence?

  • Sanctions

    Managing sanctions risk: Keys to successful implementation


    The International Compliance Association hosted a webinar looking at challenges faced by organizations regarding changes in the sanctions landscape in 2022. Holly Thomas-Wrightson offers a recap of the discussion.