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    Brazilian meatpacker’s FCPA settlement details widespread corruption


    Brazilian company JBS, the largest meat producer in the world, and its holding company agreed to pay nearly $300 million for systemic and widespread corruption in settlements with two U.S. enforcement agencies.

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    Year in review: 2017


    Compliance Week looks back at the last 12 months and offers a glimpse at some of the biggest news stories in compliance, governance, risk, and ethics.

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    Those pesky hot mikes and insider-trading laws


    Inside is a look at the actions of the Batista brothers, leaders of corrupt firm JBS, which highlights a part of any corruption resolution across the globe: If you hold back information from the government, you will be subject to prosecution for those crimes as well.

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    For leniency, confess all crimes


    The JBS meat-packing scandal is a perfect example of why companies must provide every single shred of evidence of criminal conduct, or a plea agreement might not be worth much.

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    Brazil’s largest corruption investigation in history hits new heights … and lows


    As Brazilian investigators look into massive corruption between public officials and one of the country’s biggest companies, scandal-weary Brazilians wonder when this will all end.

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    JBS reaches $3.2B leniency deal; makes governance changes


    J&F Investimentos, the holding company of meat-packing company JBS, has agreed to pay a record 10.3 billion reais (US$3.2bn; £2.4bn) fine for its role in a widespread corruption scandal, deepening Brazil's anti-corruption enforcement crackdown.

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    The case for robust FCPA enforcement


    Two recent corruption scandals emanating from Brazil highlight the direct impact corruption can have on U.S. citizens and serve as telltale examples of why a robust FCPA enforcement regime is in the interest of the United States.