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    SEC proposes to expand ‘test-the-waters’ perk to all issuers


    The SEC has proposed expanding the “test-the-waters” accommodation—currently available to emerging growth companies—to all issuers, including investment company issuers. 

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    SEC commissioners argue for increase to monetary cap on Regulation A


    SEC Commissioners Michael Piwowar and Hester Peirce are breaking ranks with their peers over the monetary cap assigned to Regulation A exemptions. They want to boost the offering limit for the under-used exemption from $50 million to $75 million.

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    SEC extends non-public, pre-IPO filings to all companies


    The SEC will expand a benefit offered to emerging growth companies and permit all companies to submit draft registration statements relating to initial public offerings for review on a non-public basis.

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    SEC adopts slate of JOBS Act amendments


    The SEC has announced ammendments to JOBS Act-related rulemaking pertaining to crowdfunding, securities offerings, and emerging growth companies. The changes adjust certain thresholds for inflation.

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    A bipartisan plea for economic growth ideas


    Republican Mike Crapo and Democrat Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) are working across party lines to solicit, from the public, legislative proposals for increasing economic growth.

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    Cato Institute paper proposes JOBS Act improvements


    On the same day the SEC announced it had completed the remaining workload on JOBS Act mandates, conservative think tank the CATO Institute, in an unrelated effort, offered its thoughts on how the legislation is meeting capital formation goals and ways it could be improved. Joe Mont reports.

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    SEC wraps up remaining JOBS Act workload


    On Tuesday, the SEC, completing its remaining workload on JOBS Act mandates, approved amendments to revise the rules related to the thresholds for registration, termination of registration, and suspension of reporting under Section 12(g) and 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act. Joe Mont has more.

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    SEC Watch: No Respite on Regulatory Reform in 2016


    If the SEC had hoped that clearing its plate of most Dodd-Frank Act and JOBS Act mandates would make 2016 a year to focus on other initiatives, well, Washington has other ideas. The agency will be busy with a new round of rulemaking thanks to the FAST Act, plus ongoing ...

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    White: As Securities Offerings Change, SEC Adapts


    Recent years have seen significant changes in terms of how securities offerings are conducted, with many of the recent regulatory reforms for public offerings the result of the JOBS ACT. At a conference in New York City on Wednesday, Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Mary Jo White spoke about ...

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    SEC Readies Crowdfunding Rule for Friday Vote


    The wait is over. On Oct. 30, the Securities and Exchange Commission will vote on long-delayed rulemaking, mandated by the JOBS Act,that will allow for the offer and sale of securities. A proposed rule, dating back to October 2013, established guidelines for investors and rules for issuers that want ...

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    Small-Company Rules Inch Forward


    Congress (and SEC commissioners) routinely complains that the SEC is so focused on churning out overdue rules for compliance with the Dodd-Frank Act, it has neglected to churn out overdue rules on capital formation required under the JOBS Act. In truth, the SEC is likely to move forward with what ...

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    SEC Adopts Regulation A+, Including State Preemption


    Image: The SEC has adopted new rules that expand the Regulation A registration exemption. It enables smaller companies to offer and sell up to $50 million of securities in a 12-month period without registering with state-level securities regulators in certain situations. Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin expressed dismay for ...

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    Momentum Grows for Small Companies & Capital Markets


    The SEC is exploring new ways to fulfill its mission to facilitate capital formation for small- and medium-sized companies. While uncertainty still surrounds capital formation efforts included in the JOBS Act, momentum is growing to revisit the SEC’s traditional definition of an accredited investor, and to create new “venture exchanges” ...