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  • Ethics

    LRN survey: Values, not policies, drive ethical behavior


    Establishing a culture based on values and transparency is more effective at preventing misconduct than a robust set of rules, according to an LRN survey. 

  • Morals

    Why ‘moral leadership’ matters, and how to demonstrate it


    Most employees believe moral leadership leads to better business results, but few believe senior leaders consistently demonstrate those qualities. That’s according to the findings of a new report, “The State of Moral Leadership in Business 2019,” conducted by ethics and compliance advisory firm LRN.

  • Article

    Hallmarks of an effective ethics and compliance program


    You want a really top-notch ethics and compliance program? Then create a values-based workplace culture and forget about all those check-the-box metrics. Jaclyn Jaeger reports.

  • Blog post

    PwC and LRN Forge Strategic Relationship to Elevate Corporate Values


    PwC and LRN have announced a long-term strategic relationship to better help organizations elevate behavior, define and scale their values. Together, the PwC network of firms and LRN will develop innovative solutions in governance, culture and leadership, and in areas such as strategy, talent, forensic investigations, enterprise risk management, and ...

  • Blog post

    Report: Attributes of Effective E&C Programs


    Companies with top-performing ethics and compliance programs conduct formal assessments of their programs at least annually compared to their lower-scoring peers. They also are more likely to use metrics—such as audits, employee survey results, Code of Conduct violations, hotline call metrics, and more—in setting business objectives, and they typically have ...

  • Blog post

    LRN Names President of Ethics and Compliance Solutions


    LRN, a firm that helps organizations meet their compliance obligations, shape ethical behavior, and strengthen culture and leadership, announced today the hiring of Jean-Marc Levy, most recently head of global issuer services at the New York Stock Exchange, as president of ethics and compliance solutions. He also will serve on ...