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  • GDPR

    European Commission assessing GDPR improvements, not overhaul


    Three key members of the European Commission believe the General Data Protection Regulation should be enhanced by targeting aspects of data privacy through other laws rather than revamping the GDPR itself.

  • NBC

    NBCUniversal fined $15.9M for EEA sales restrictions


    NBCUniversal has been fined €14.3 million (U.S. $15.9 million) by the European Commission for restricting traders from selling licensed merchandise within the European Economic Area to territories and customers beyond those allocated to them, marking the latest case in a wider enforcement trend.

  • Article

    Vestager once again takes aim at digital giants


    Margrethe Vestager, European commissioner for competition, once again rallied against Big Tech in a Nov. 29 speech. The politician has promised more oversight of search engines, online marketplaces, social media networks, and app sites to ensure fair markets.

  • HangUpGloves

    EC uses ‘interim measures’ on Broadcom to curb anticompetitive behavior


    The European Commission has ordered Broadcom to cut out harsh contract terms with six TV and modem manufacturers because they may infringe antitrust rules. It’s the first time the agency has imposed “interim measures” in 18 years

  • Article

    Vestager keeps competition role in new Commission


    Margrethe Vestager is staying put as Europe’s leader in the fight against anti-competitive practices, with a continued focus on Big Tech.

  • European Commission

    European Commission still gunning for Big Tech


    Coming on the heels of big enforcement actions against Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon, the European Commission is vowing to keep fighting against technology giants profiting at others’ expense.

  • Article

    Vestager says fearsome rep ‘undeserved’


    European Commissioner for Competition Magrethe Vestager talks on competition law, cartels, corporate whistleblowers, compliance, and the Commission’s reputation.

  • Blog

    EU Regulator Charges MasterCard Amid Breach of Antitrust Rules


    Image: MasterCard is once again in the spotlight, as the European Commission has swooped in on the company’s potential abuse of interchange fees. After a two-year investigation, Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said, “MasterCard is artificially raising the costs of card payments, which would harm consumers and retailers in the European ...