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  • GDPRgavel

    ICO: U.K. companies can expect large GDPR fines soon


    Year 1 under the General Data Protection Regulation saw no fines handed out in the United Kingdom. Year 2 could be a much different story,

  • PensionLaw

    U.K.’s Pensions Regulator getting serious about enforcement


    Considered “feeble” no more, the United Kingdom’s Pensions Regulator is ramping up enforcement actions against individuals or organizations not in compliance with the law.

  • Search

    FRC: Auditors must look for fraud


    FRC CEO Stephen Haddrill confirmed that during the transition to the new statutory regulator, the Audit, Reporting and Governance Authority, the FRC will remain committed to tackling “deficiencies in audit and reporting quality vigorously.”

  • Gigeconomy

    European Union adopts law to protect gig workers


    Gig workers in the European Union—those workers in nontraditional roles—have been granted new rights by the European Parliament.

  • audit

    CMA recommends major overhaul of U.K. audit market


    The U.K. Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has recommended reform of the audit market aimed at increasing quality and competition and breaking the stranglehold of the Big Four accounting firms.

  • brexitmarch21

    Brextension, but only if deal approved


    After two rejections, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May has sent a letter to European Council President Donald Tusk to ask for an extension on Brexit.

  • AngryShareholders

    Interserve: Carillion Part II


    In an almost carbon copy of the Carillion collapse, peer contracting firm Interserve went into administration on Friday due to a majority of its shareholders rebelling against a debt cancellation deal that would have seen their investment at even lower levels than the deal that was finally agreed to.

  • Article

    U.K. government unveils reform plan for modern work practices


    In response to a July 2017 review of modern working practices, the U.K. government has issued a long-awaited package of legislation, regulation, and reforms. The “Good Work Plan” sets out seven principles to address challenges facing the U.K. labour market.  

  • InternalAudit

    New, tough regulator to oversee U.K. audit


    The U.K. Financial Reporting Council will soon be replaced by a new regulator acting on recommendations from Sir John Kingman of the London Stock Exchange. The government hopes to ensure the United Kingdom going forward has “a world-class audit and accounting regulator.”

  • GenderPay

    U.K. gender pay gap reports rife with defects


    A new report from U.K. organization says that compliance with gender pay regulations and guidance is still very weak.