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  • Khasanov-Batirov

    Timur Khasanov-Batirov on ‘Compliance Man’


    International compliance officer Timur Khasanov-Batirov joins Tom Fox to explain the inspiration behind his illustrated series, “Compliance Man,” which is designed to help communicate potentially complex compliance topics in a simple manner.

  • Grant-Hart

    Kristy Grant-Hart talks publishing, women in compliance


    Compliance practitioner and author Kristy Grant-Hart chats with Tom Fox about her three books and offers her advice to women of all ages in the compliance field.

  • Chapman

    Dan Chapman talks FCPA investigations


    Former CCO Dan Chapman chats with Tom Fox about how to approach an FCPA investigation and come out stronger after remediation.

  • Sapirman

    Louis Sapirman on holistic compliance messaging


    In our inaugural episode, former CCO Louis Sapirman chats with Tom Fox about his 360-Degrees of Compliance Communication model, which takes an all-encompassing approach to compliance messaging.

  • Podcast

    Podcast: Student lending, FinTechs, and compliance


    In this edition of the Compliance Week podcast, we chat with David Mark, senior vice president and regulatory compliance counsel for  LendKey Technologies, a lending platform used by banks and credit unions to source and manage loans online. We discuss the compliance challenges inherent in his firm's marketplace.

  • Podcast

    Podcast: California considers board diversity rules


    In this edition of the Compliance Week podcast, we discuss California’s SB-826, a bill mandating that major companies in the state put female directors on their boards. We spoke to Lillian Tsu, a partner at Hogan Lovells and member of the firms Public Company Advisory Practice for her views on ...

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    Podcast: Don’t gloss over print document compliance, GDPR


    In this edition of the Compliance Week Podcast, we chat with Dennis Amorosano of Canon Information & Imaging Solutions about the often-overlooked need for print compliance and how your seemingly harmless office printer could cause GDPR and other data security headaches.

  • Podcast

    Podcast: Challenges and technologies for mortgage lenders


    In this edition of the Compliance Week podcast, we chat with Rose Bogan of Digital Risk about the compliance challenges faced by mortgage lenders and how emerging technology may be coming to the rescue.

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    Tom Fox podcast: Setting the right tone at the top


    In the first of a weekly series on the 10 hallmarks of an effective compliance program, Compliance Week columnist Tom Fox discusses the importance of senior leadership in setting the tone for the company.

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    Tom Fox podcast: Importance of code of conduct, policies and procedures, and internal controls


    In the second of a series on the 10 hallmarks of an effective compliance program, Compliance Week columnist Tom Fox discusses the three components of written standards of a best-practices compliance program: the code of conduct, policies and procedures, and internal controls.

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    Podcast: Coping with new liquidity risk rules for investment firms


    In this edition of the Compliance Week podcast, we chat with Jeanette Turner, chief Regulatory Officer at Compliance Solutions Strategies, about requirements in the SEC’s Reporting Modernization and Liquidity Risk Management rule.

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    Podcast: SAP on building a risk-aware corporate culture


    In this edition of the Compliance Week podcast, we chat with Kevin McCollom of SAP SE, a market leader in enterprise application software. We discuss developing a risk-aware corporate culture amid an ever-evolving threat landscape, and the competitive advantages of compliance.

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    Podcast: the risks and regulatory challenges of cryptocurrencies


    Our latest podcast features Eric Sohn, a financial crime specialist and director of business product at Dow Jones Risk & Compliance, in a conversation about the fraud and money laundering risks raised by the fervor surrounding cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings.

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    Podcast: Improving customer due diligence


    In our latest podcast we look at recently enacted customer due diligence demands from the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, discuss the complexity of the rule, and how technology can automate processes and assist with compliance.

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    Podcast: Sanctions compliance made easy—even when things get complex


    In our latest podcast our guest is Julie Myers Wood, CEO of Guidepost Solutions, an investigative and compliance consulting firm. We discuss ways to simplify sanctions compliance and ways to leverage the program to meet other regulatory objectives.

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    Podcast: How to improve sanctions compliance


    In our latest podcast, we chat with Daniel Wager of LexisNexis Risk Solutions, about the challenges inherent in sanctions compliance. What can firms look for in terms of the red flags that a bad actor is seeking to bypass sanctions restrictions?

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    Podcast: The regulatory challenges of self-driving trucks


    In our latest podcast, we listen in on a recent Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation hearing where regulatory approaches to self-driving trucks were discussed.

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    Podcast: Compliance and the Super Bowl


    In our latest podcast, we talk to Tom Ajamie, founding partner of the law firm Ajamie LLP and counsel to the Houston Super Bowl Host Committee, where he is providing a wide range of legal services for the multi-billion dollar event.

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    Podcast: Oh, Canada...and compliance resources


    In this edition of the Compliance Week podcast, we talk to Ellen Zimiles, a managing director at Navigant Consulting, about governance enhancements in Canada that allows CCOs to report their companies for not giving them enough budget to be effective.

  • Podcast

    Podcast: Trump, in his own words, on regulation


    In this edition of the Compliance Week podcast, we offer selected soundbites from President-elect Donald Trump that detail his views of importance to public companies.