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    CFPB pitches choose-your-own disclosure


    The CFPB has proposed the creation of a regulatory “sandbox” for testing and approving new approaches to financial product disclosures.

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    Are U.K. businesses ready for PEPPOL?


    A new pan-European standard for public procurement should alleviate a lot of financial administration, but only for those ready to comply with the standard’s new rules.

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    Treasury issues second report on ‘core principles of financial regulation’


    The Treasury Department has released its second report, as demanded by a presidential order, with recommendations to streamline the regulatory system and improve capital markets.

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    Rao confirmed as Trump Administration’s ‘regulatory czar’


    The Senate has confirmed Neomi Rao, a professor at the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University, to a top position at the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.

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    CFTC seeks public input on Project KISS, simplifying rules


    Taking its lead from a recent White House decree for other agencies, the CFTC is turning to the public for help in simplifying and modernizing its rules and their application.

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    Latest batch of Trump nominations includes new ‘regulatory czar’


    The latest nominations announced by President Trump include a pick to be the administration’s new “regulatory czar,” the administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.

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    Lawsuit challenges President’s ‘one-in, two-out’ Executive Order


    Consumer, environmental and worker advocacy groups joined forces to sue the Trump Administration over an Executive Order that directs federal agencies to repeal two federal regulations for every new rule they issue.

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    FCA advises on new EU Market Abuse Regulation


    The Financial Conduct Authority has published changes to its handbook, “Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules,” to help U.K.-listed companies comply with new EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) from 3 July this year. The handbook and MAR cover a very wide range of “market abuse” issues, such as insider dealing, improper ...

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    The compliance side to Obama’s new tax incentives


    At the end of 2015, President Obama signed into law a number of federal tax incentives for businesses to encourage various hiring, training, and investing practices. But there are special compliance considerations that come with all of these programs. CW Editor Bill Coffin offers a closer look.

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    U.K. Government Curbs Senior Managers Regime


    The U.K’s Finance Ministry is scrapping a key part of the Senior Managers Regime that demanded senior managers prove that they took the necessary steps to prevent employee misconduct. Instead, a new “duty of responsibility” clause will require senior managers to take only the appropriate steps to prevent a regulatory ...

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    Third Parties Face Penalties Over ‘Deliberate Tax Evasion’ Scheme


    An investigation into third parties by the Revenue Commissioners of Ireland revealed that some companies were deliberately dodging tax laws by submitting incomplete and doctored disclosures to avoid penalties. According to a report by the comptroller and auditor general, tighter regulations are necessary to help crack down on tax evasion ...

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    Tougher Regulations Lead to Structural Overhaul in Europe’s Biggest Banks


    The size and number of European investment banks is shrinking, due to tighter regulations that are causing some big banks to retreat from expansion plans. The move comes as financial firms anxiously await final ring-fencing rules from the U.K. Prudential Regulation Authority. More inside.

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    Nordea Bank Tackles AML Compliance Amid Hefty Fine


    Nordea Bank AB, a major financial institution for the Nordic region, is re-establishing its anti-money laundering program to correct flaws in its processes that resulted in the company paying up to $5.9 million in fines. This is not the first time Nordea has been put in the spotlight for poor ...

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    More Disclosures Needed From Public Officials, Says OECD


    Image: The pursuit of good governance is never easy. According to a recent Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development survey, inadequate disclosures, lack of whistleblower protection laws, and  concerns about integrity have caused many citizens of advanced countries to lose trust in national governments. More inside.

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    British Watchdog Sets New Accountability Standards


    Image: Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority has released new rules for its Senior Managers Regime, a compliance standard that will hold senior managers at financial firms personally accountable for corporate misconduct. “We have given clarity on rules that will embed personal accountability into the culture of the city,” Martin Wheatley, FCA ...

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    EU’s Apple, Amazon, Fiat and Starbucks Tax Inquiry Postponed


    Image: The European Commission has placed Amazon, Starbucks, Fiat Finance and Trade, and Apple’s tax probe on hold amid concerns about obtaining information relating to these cases, said European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager in a testimony before the European Parliament. While Vestager did not give a new deadline for the ...

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    Gazprom Faces Antitrust Trouble in Europe


    The European Commission plans to file formal antitrust charges against Gazprom, as the Russian energy giant is suspected of abusing its power in the natural gas sector by preventing some countries—such as Lithuania and Poland—from re-exporting gas they purchased from the company. If the Commission succeeds, Gazprom will face a ...

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    New Disclosures for U.K. Companies on Owner Registry


    The British Parliament recently signed off on new legislation that calls for more information about the true owners behind U.K. companies. According to Transparency International, the U.K.’s property market is a conduit for “corrupt capital stolen from around the world.” Current regulations allow U.K. properties to be owned by secret ...

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    Germany's Push For Gender Diversity in the Boardroom Gains Traction


    A shifting regulatory landscape in Germany has paved the way for more women to hold supervisory seats in the boardroom. To promote greater gender diversity, across the board, this regulation sets quotas on the country’s public and private sectors. Now, corporate Germany will have to award at least 30 percent ...

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    Maturing Conflict Minerals Programs in Year 2


    Image: Now that everyone has closed their Excel files on the first year of conflict minerals compliance, companies are pushing toward greater automation in Year 2. Reducing lines of data about smelters in your supply chain is one step, improving data integrity another. “Technology can help you understand the supply ...