CW2023 think tank: Compliance officers grapple with post-pandemic world

Think Tank

With the World Health Organization’s May 5 declaration ending the Covid-19 global health emergency, companies can get back to doing business the way they did before March 2020.

This year has marked the return of all in person, all the time. The full return of business travel, it’s … wait, what’s that? Not really the case?

No—in fact, many businesses report remote work is likely here to stay in some form. Business travel has rebounded but not to pre-Covid levels. Compliance officers seeking to build high-performing teams must navigate all these post-pandemic issues within their budgets and still hit targets set by themselves and their employers.

During a Day 1 leadership think tank at Compliance Week’s National Conference in Washington, D.C. on Monday, 21 senior compliance professionals met to discuss the compliance officer’s role in a post-pandemic environment.

Per the rules of the session, Compliance Week agreed to only relay general themes of what was said by participants without identifying them or the companies they work for—a provision that allowed them to share experiences and insights without fear of compromising any sensitive information.

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