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  • Murtagh

    Kate Murtagh on sustainable investment


    Kate Murtagh, chief compliance officer at the Harvard Management Company, discusses the university’s three-pronged approach to sustainable investment with columnist Tom Fox.

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    The reputation-shredding scourge of human trafficking


    Recent headlines, sparked by a billionaire’s alleged bad choices, should serve as a reminder of the brand damage companies could face from their involvement in human trafficking and the use, intentional or otherwise, of slave and child labor.

  • Taylor

    Alison Taylor on CEO activism, social responsibility


    Alison Taylor, managing director at Business for Social Responsibility, discusses with columnist Tom Fox the importance and implications of CEO activism in today’s political environment.

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    Finding good in the government shutdown


    With the longest government shutdown in U.S. history leaving many federal employees without a salary and a nationwide mess in its wake, many companies are stepping up and leading by example—demonstrating not just what they stand for, but what they stand up for.

  • Columnist_Bistrong

    My Compliance Library: Compliance lessons of fusing brand and culture


    Richard Bistrong takes an in-depth look at Denise Lee Yohn’s, “Fusion, How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies,” which offers organizations a model for merging internal values with external branding and guides the compliance function in linking stated values to operations.

  • Taylorcrop

    Alison Taylor: A just and sustainable world


    Alison Taylor is passionate about helping organizations understand how they can improve their ethical, governance, compliance, and operational existence to create organizations that aren’t just good at being better, but are also better at doing good.