Internal audit and other assurance and compliance professionals are required to organize and share information about their evaluation of risks and controls across their organization and the results of testing efforts. This requirement is designed to reduce or eliminate duplication of work, which in turn should improve and increase coverage of risks. Often this coordination is infrequent, manual, and ineffective.

TeamMate+ is a comprehensive platform that provides tools to enhance coordination among the three lines of defense and permit a secure but flexible means of proactively viewing activities without the need for traditional communication methods.

  • Control self-assessments provide a secure vehicle for management input.
  • Multiple dimensions allow each assurance group to view the organization in a way that makes the most sense.
  • Historical insights equip users from each discipline with the ability to create their risk assessments and testing programs, with visibility into the status of work and conclusions of other assurance professionals in their organization.

When these innovations are used in coordination, organizations gain tremendous value through insight into the work of others, ensuring that duplication of work is reduced or eliminated and the productivity of assurance staff is maximized.

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