To stay competitive and compliant, public and private companies alike need to incorporate peer, competitor, and industry data into their internal and external reports to ensure their documents are complete and consistent. Certent DisclosureNet layers powerful search and filtering functionality on top of over 21 million regulatory submissions, accounting standards, insider trades, news releases, and more.

In seconds with DisclosureNet, you can:

  • Perform targeted keyword searches of publicly filed documents from the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia, including annual/periodic reports, registration statements, press releases, and more;
  • Enhance compliance with instant access to FASB and IFRS accounting standards and model filings; and
  • Accelerate peer analysis by easily creating benchmarking and key performance indicators within Microsoft Excel from financial statements, insider trades, and other numeric information.

DisclosureNet’s clients gain efficiencies across departments by sharing the benefit of disclosure research with multiple groups including finance, legal, compliance, investor relations, business development, and more.

Watch this quick demonstration and learn how you can request your company-wide free trial today.