Traditionally, companies have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars each year implementing and maintaining numerous call-in numbers for their hotline call centres worldwide. Yet, at the same time, technology continues to change the way we communicate. Texting though a mobile device has become the preferred method for most generations, including an overwhelming 80 percent of millennials (coincidently also the largest population in the workplace). So understandably, many hotline managers now question whether conventional hotlines are effective and worth the cost and effort. Are they accessible and convenient?

Introducing IntegraCall® | Secure Compliance Hotline With Watson™, an effective and compliant app-based hotline platform from The Red Flag Group®.

  • No human is involved in the information-gathering stage so organizations can maintain costs and whistleblower anonymity.
  • The report sits on a server in its respective region to minimize risks related to data protection and security.
  • The chatbot, “Nicole,” is more compliant because she was trained by experienced compliance professionals and investigators using their collective knowledge and in-country field experience. She also speaks more than 100 languages, is available at any time, and has the capacity to receive a massive number of calls at the same time.

The IntegraCall® app and web portal hotlines are fully integrated with the newly developed case-management module of the ComplianceDesktop® platform to enhance case investigations around the world.

Watch this 5-minute demo today to see how IntegraCall® can work for you.