Do you have the confidence to destroy records and information and store only what you need to retain for legal reasons? If not, you’re likely keeping records longer than required, limiting your legal defensibility. This 4-minute video is a crisp and concise demonstration of what you can do to have that confidence.

With Policy Center Standard Edition, you’ll have a pre-built, legally defensible retention schedule–backed by the same high-quality legal research used by the world’s largest companies. With this user-friendly, web-based tool, you can demonstrate your retention schedule is driven by current laws and regulations. The online portal makes for an easy way to share your policy, further driving compliance across your organization. Policy Center Standard Edition is a subscription service to a cloud-based retention policy management platform. Ready for immediate use, there is no need to invest in legal counsel or consultants to create your defensible retention schedule, now or for annual refreshes.

Through the successful development and implementation of a records retention schedule, you can realize the following benefits: improve the utilization of resources, control the unrestrained growth of records volume, demonstrate compliance with recordkeeping requirements, enforce consistent implementation of policies, improve ability to locate records when required, and reduce litigation risks.

See how much easier managing retention can be when you have an online tool that does the legal research for you.