One of the questions asked most frequently by those involved in corporate ethic responsibility is, “How are we doing?” Convercent answers this question with the first real-time benchmarking data tool that allows you to understand where your organization stacks up in comparison with other companies in the ethics and compliance arena.

What makes Convercent’s platform more robust? Our Insights application doesn’t deliver a PDF or PowerPoint with benchmarking data like our competitors. Instead, Convercent offers a dynamic benchmarking dashboard that moves when your data moves. For any chart or graph in Convercent Insights, you will see a benchmark line to compare your data viewed in that moment.

Proactive ethics and compliance programs should mirror an organization’s core values in their commitment to help drive ethics to the center of their business. Measure the effectiveness of your program and not just the activity.

Watch the video demonstration to learn more about Convercent’s Insights with Benchmarking.