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  • Paperwork overload

    Spanish labor ministry continues working condition crusade with Big Four fines


    Spain’s labor ministry fined the Big Four accountancy firms at least €1.4 million (U.S. $1.5 million) total for overworking and underpaying their respective employees, continuing a recent trend in the country of the government cracking down on apparent labor violations.

  • ChatGPT logo

    Is ChatGPT the privacy problem? Or is GDPR?


    Scrutiny into ChatGPT has reignited concerns the General Data Protection Regulation is either stifling innovations in technology or that the legislation is not flexible enough to keep pace with technological advances. Experts weigh in.

  • Glovo

    European labor laws showing teeth in crackdown on gig economy


    Recent enforcement cases against food delivery company Glovo and online retailer Amazon in Spain have shone a spotlight on the compliance difficulties associated with engaging workers as freelancers rather than full-time employees.

  • Vodafone

    GDPR enforcement roundup: Spain stays on Vodafone, record fine in Poland


    Vodafone running up its fine total in Spain and a record-setting action against a marketing firm in Poland highlight a roundup of notable enforcements announced under the General Data Protection Regulation during the first five months of 2022.

  • USTR

    USTR threatens tariffs on 6 trade partners in response to digital taxes


    The United States Trade Representative is seeking public comment on the potential implementation of tariffs of up to 25 percent on a long list of goods by six U.S. trading partners, including the United Kingdom.

  • Spain and Italy

    Spain, Italy setting new standard for GDPR enforcement


    While big fines against big companies make headlines, Spain and Italy have flown under the radar as two of the most frequent enforcers of the GDPR, instead primarily focusing on smaller penalties. Might other countries follow suit?

  • CaixaBank

    Spanish DPA fines CaixaBank record $7.3M under GDPR


    Spain’s data protection authority recently fined CaixaBank €6 million (U.S. $7.3 million) for misuse of customer data, the largest GDPR fine the country has handed out.

  • Blog

    Spain and the fight against royal corruption


    A guilty verdict that sent the brother-in-law of the King of Spain to jail for fraud could signal that Spain is getting serious about corruption. Tom Fox says it was the first time a member of the Spanish royal family had been forced to stand trial, a move widely applauded ...

  • Spain

    Spain bolsters anti-competition enforcement


    Spanish regulators are paying closer attention to anti-competitive behavior across several industries, demonstrated by record fines and enforcement actions reached in 2015. Multinationals with operations in Spain should heed the warning. “We are now seeing that the amount of total fines [is] getting higher and higher,” says Crisanto Perez-Abad of ...

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    Podcast: Spain’s New Corporate Compliance Defense


    Image: Spain has been receiving a lot of attention for its corporate compliance defense. Not only did the country adopt new requirements to help root out corruption; it goes further than other nations have gone by mandating specific features that compliance programs must contain to qualify. In this podcast, Aaron ...