Corporate compliance executives, we need your help: please take our annual Compliance Trends survey, to give us the latest, best insights on corporate compliance programs today.

The survey is free, secure, and anonymous; even I won’t know which participants submit what answers. The information you give us will be consolidated, analyzed, and then reported in the Compliance Trends 2015 study, our annual benchmarking report that we publish with Deloitte every spring. The findings will be unveiled at the Compliance Week 2015 conference in Washington next May.

You can take the survey at

The survey should take not more than 20 minutes to complete. It asks about the structure and “demographics” of your compliance program (who reports to whom, size of budget, staffing levels, and so forth); the risks and compliance duties you oversee, and which ones are most challenging; and the metrics and tools you use to carry out compliance functions on a daily basis.

A few quick other notes: we define “compliance executive” broadly  here, to mean the top person at your business who oversees ethics and compliance issues—even if your actual title is chief audit executive, or deputy general counsel, or controller, or anything else. If you oversee compliance at your organization, you’re the one we want.

Second, the Compliance Trends report is a benchmarking study we’ve published with Deloitte since 2013, and in various other incarnations before that since 2011. The report is freely available to all, and tries to answer three questions:

Do compliance executives have the appropriate authority and resources to do their jobs?

Are compliance executives addressing the right risks?

Do compliance executives use the right metrics to measure progress?

The compliance profession needs good, authoritative answers to those questions (every year) if you want to keep pace with the shifting and evolving challenges you face—so do please participate in our survey if you can. We cannot draw good conclusions unless we have good data; thank you in advance for your help.