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    Special report: Compliance 2020


    CW Editor in Chief Dave Lefort offers 10 predictions on what will dominate compliance headlines in 2020.

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    The importance of auditing third parties


    Auditing third parties is critical to any compliance program and an important tool in operationalizing your compliance program.

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    Evaluation of third parties


    Compliance practitioners at GE Oil & Gas discuss the process by which GE reviews the risks around each of its third parties.

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    Shell companies and the who of corruption


    A key part of any fraud scheme are the attempts to keep it hidden, and many companies set up shell companies to do just that. A look at why shell companies can shield bad actors from the public record.

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    Asking questions about your third-party process


    When regulators come knocking, it’s important to have the right protocols in place. Knowing what questions to ask can be a big help to companies when implementing a third-party due diligence process.

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    What is a conflict of interest?


    A look at the case of Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, the now former head of the Center for Disease Control, who invested in tobacco stocks after she became director.

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    More companies exiting third-party vendor relationships


    An increasing number of companies expect to exit or change relationships with their third-party vendors due to heightened risk levels, finds a newly released vendor risk management benchmark report.

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    Recent data breaches impart third-party risk lessons


    The data breaches at Yahoo, Equifax, and the SEC send a collective warning to organizations everywhere to improve their own third-party risk assessment.

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    3M’s John Ostergren on supply chain, third-party risk management


    Smart companies understand which risks to take on in the interest of growth and which ones must be shunned, says John Ostergren, director of environment, health and safety at 3M.

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    New DoJ policy limits settlement relief options


    For years, companies facing regulatory settlements had the option of delivering payments to non-governmental third parties as part of their punishment. No longer.

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    The Never-Ending Story


    In the latest installment of the Compliance Week / OCEG GRC Illustrated Series, we explore the importance of following up on third-party evaluations.

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    Third-Party Risk Management Summit takes a deep dive


    Get a recap of the Third-Party Risk Management and Oversight Summit, hosted by Financial Risk Associates and Compliance Week, which took an in-depth look at what companies are doing to manage third-party risks both on the sales and supply chain sides.

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    Cement, compliance, and crimes against humanity in Syria


    Multinational cement company Lafarge’s alleged collusion with ISIS to keep a Syrian plant operational would have made it complicit in crimes against humanity.

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    Addressing third-party information security risks in 2017


    The latest installment of the GRC Illustrated Series from Compliance Week and OCEG discusses ways to circumvent a cyber-breach via third-party risk management.

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    Did Wells Fargo Give Prudential a Black Eye?


    Tom Fox epxlores how the business relationship between Prudential and scandal-ridden Wells Fargo put Prudential in hot water.

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    Survey: Trials, tribulations of third-party risk management


    Jaclyn Jaeger has the results of a new survey jointly conducted by Compliance Week and Crowe Horwath that explores the many trials and tribulations of third-party risk management programs.

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    Optiv launches technology-enabled third-party risk management solution


    Optiv Security, a provider of end-to-end cyber-security solutions, announced the release of its new technology-enabled third-party risk managed service. Leveraging Optiv’s proven Software-as-a-Service based third-party risk management platform, Evantix, this service enables companies to better manage the complete third-party risk management lifecycle, resulting in improved compliance and risk management.

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    Mitigating third-party risks


    Most companies by now understand the escalating risks that third parties pose to their business and are ramping up their third-party risk management efforts accordingly. Even still, many struggle with how to achieve full transparency into the breadth and depth of their third parties, exposing themselves to significant legal and ...

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    IIA Offers Latest Intelligence on Outsourcing Functions


    As talent and staffing challenges persist for the internal audit profession, 43 percent of public companies other than those in financial services reached outside the organization for help, according to the latest data from the Institute of Internal Auditors. Financial institutions, public and private alike, make the greatest use of ...

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    FAQs, but Few Answers, on Iran Deal Implications


    Image: Questions abound on the U.S.-Iran nuclear deal. Assuming the agreement comes into force, what does that mean for compliance officers? Nothing easy, as your sanctions effort must shift to more complex due diligence efforts. “The sanctions world is moving from an entity-based inquiry to an entity- and activity-based inquiry. ...