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  • Lease accounting

    SEC chief accountant calls out audit leadership culture


    Staff at the Securities and Exchange Commission have observed instances of audit firms setting poor examples for junior-level employees by failing to properly discipline senior leaders found to have breached ethical standards, according to Chief Accountant Paul Munter.

  • Business challenges

    Benchmark report explores roadblocks for leadership commitment to compliance


    Most risk and compliance professionals feel their senior leaders and managers demonstrate a commitment to their programs overall, but only on a conditional basis, according to the latest NAVEX Global benchmark report.

  • GoodRiskMgmt

    Shared elements of best-in-class risk and compliance programs


    A revamped NAVEX Global report reinforces a long-held belief in the compliance industry that those companies that trust employees to behave ethically continuously work to improve culture.

  • Brasseur_opinion

    Tumultuous U.S. leadership hurts image of compliance


    If “tone at the top” is a benchmark for determining ethical leadership, where does the United States stand?

  • Blog

    When culture literally is life or death


    The  recent death of University of Maryland athlete Jordan McNair highlights why tone and culture should be top of mind in any organization.

  • Blog

    When tone at the top means cheating at the top


    In one of Cricket’s biggest scandals ever, the Australian national Cricket team, concocted a scheme to scruff the ball on piece of yellow tape in the pants pocket of the bowler, Cameron Bancroft. Is the team corrupt, through and through?

  • Blog

    Compliance tone at the bottom


    Even with a great tone-at-the-top and in the middle, you cannot stop. One of the greatest challenges of a compliance practitioner is how to affect the “tone at the bottom.”

  • Article

    PCAOB ponders plateau, calls on firms to dig deeper


    With PCAOB inspection results hitting a plateau, how can auditors be held accountable for better audit quality? Amid allegations of fraud and conspiracy, is culture a factor?

  • Blog

    The imperial CEO


    Former GE CEO Jeff Immelt managed in a way that he could have a backup private jet follow him around, but never had time to speak with the person managing the fleet...or to let the Board know about his infamous "ghost plane."

  • Blog

    Tone in an organization


    Tom Fox explores the many levels of corporations and how they interact to create tone at the top, middle, and bottom.

  • Blog

    CEOs and win at all costs—where does it lead?


    A look at the corrupt conduct of Uber Chief Executive Travis Kalanick and the lengths some executives will go to in support of a win-at-all-costs culture.

  • Blog

    The Four Goods


    As in the sport of jiu-jitsu, the four goods, “good control, good technique, good position, and good submission,” could also benefit the world of compliance, writes Bill Coffin.

  • Article

    Ethics lessons from the Flint water crisis


    Flint’s lead-poisoned water is more than just a technical failure, writes Jaclyn Jaeger. It’s a systemic governmental failure with leadership as toxic as Flint’s water itself.

  • Blog

    The routineness of non-compliant conduct


    Tom Fox explores a new book entitled “Why They Do It” from Eugene Soltes, the Jakurski Family Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, which shows a certain “mundaneness” to white-collar crime.

  • Article

    Fostering an ethical culture with training


    Culture is the holy grail of ethics and compliance programs, but it’s also the one area that ethics and compliance officers struggle with the most. Jaclyn Jaeger explores today’s innovative solutions inside.

  • Article

    Former Southwest CEO: Harnessing an ethical culture


    During a keynote address at a recent NAVEX conference, Howard Putnam, former CEO of Southwest Airlines and Braniff International Airways, spoke candidly about harnessing the business value of an ethical culture. Jaclyn Jaeger has more.

  • Blog

    Tone at the top really does matter


    The Man From FCPA Tom Fox looks at the case of disgraced pharmaceutical company Valeant and what new Chief Financial Officer Paul Herendeen has planned for the company’s future.

  • Article

    FRC: U.K. corporate culture needs serious work


    The United Kingdom’s Financial Reporting Council has released a report of observations on overall U.K. corporate culture and highlighted a number of ways in which boards and management can make some much-needed adjustments. Neil Hodge has more.

  • Blog

    Tone at the top and (former) CEO consulting


    What does retaining a disgraced CEO as a consultant tell you about tone at the top?

  • Blog

    Living in glass houses can be a good thing


    A recent visit by CW Editor Bill Coffin to a building with no solid walls, and a chance encounter with one of the world’s wealthiest people offered a compelling case for the pursuit of transparency in both the literal and figurative sense.