Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence joins the AML crusade

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Artificial intelligence is transforming the way that companies and regulators alike tackle money-laundering and terrorist financing risk in remarkable and significant ways.

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Customer Due Diligence in a Digital World

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The rise of technology within the Customer Due Diligence space is evident. There has been a significant influx of ‘Regtech’ or ‘Fintech’ businesses offering innovative software solutions to age old CDD problems. Moreover, the constant claims that Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Automation can improve the CDD landscape are impossible ...


Regulators give nod to AI, emerging tech for AML programs


Federal bank regulators are encouraging banks to use artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies to bolster their AML compliance programs. In doing so, new guidance addresses an evolving liability and enforcement posture.


Regulators raise problem of AI in decision making and accountability


Are companies transferring too much decision-making power to machines? That’s the opinion of EU data regulators, who say companies should “think seriously” about telling investors and stakeholders automatons are now in charge of their data.