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Facebook loses appeal, faces costly privacy class action


The ruling of a federal appeals court has Facebook once again at risk of facing fines north of $1 billion for alleged misuse of users’ biometric data.

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Facebook, Libra questioned by global data leaders


Data privacy leaders from the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, and Canada are among a group to come together and voice their concerns over Facebook’s planned venture into the cryptocurrency space with Libra.


Cisco’s $8.6M settlement for security flaws has broader ramifications


Cisco has reached an $8.6 million settlement for knowingly selling video surveillance software with critical security vulnerabilities. It’s believed to be the first cyber-security whistleblower case of its kind successfully litigated under the False Claims Act.


Facebook concedes Libra currency might never launch


Facebook recently acknowledged in a filing with the SEC that there can be no assurance its planned Libra offering “will be made available in a timely manner, or at all.”


Blockchain: The new frontier for supply chain risk management


A new pilot project currently being explored by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has enlisted IBM, KPMG, Merck, and Walmart to help determine how to incorporate blockchain into pharmaceutical supply chains.

David vs. Goliath

AG Barr rides Facebook woes to tout antitrust review of Big Tech


As tech companies grow to dominance, do they pose a competitive hardship to rivals left in their wake? The Justice Department wants to know.

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Facebook settlement was barely worth waiting for


The compliance aspects of what will be expected of Facebook going forward were fair enough, but a lack of personal liability has us questioning the settlement.

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The Facebook Effect: ‘Price of privacy violations just went up’


The FTC hit Facebook with a ground-breaking $5 billion penalty for privacy violations, but the bigger takeaway for CCOs is the unprecedented new privacy and corporate governance obligations the company must implement.


Facebook to pay $100M for misleading disclosures


In addition to its record-breaking FTC fine, Facebook on Wednesday reached a $100 million settlement with the SEC for making misleading disclosures regarding the risk of misuse of its user data.


DOJ launches antitrust probe into Big Tech


The U.S. Department of Justice has opened an antitrust probe into Big Tech firms that are ”engaging in practices that have reduced competition, stifled innovation, or otherwise harmed consumers.”


Microsoft to pay $25M in FCPA case


Microsoft and a subsidiary will pay $25.3 million in combined criminal and civil penalties to resolve the U.S. government’s investigation into violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.


What we can learn from the biggest GDPR fines so far


Recent record-breaking fines for GDPR violations levied on British Airways and Marriott by the U.K. Information Commissioner’s Office offer a glimpse into what GDPR enforcement might look like going forward and serve up a warning to companies that data privacy protocols must be foolproof.


All eyes on how Ireland will handle Big Tech and GDPR


Ireland—home EU regulator to Big Tech firms including Google, Twitter, and Facebook—is the key country not to have issued a GDPR-related fine yet, though the regulator has said it has started at least 19 inquiries into the sector.

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GDPR enforcement varies widely by country


Most EU countries have now issued fines under the GDPR. Determining which are the toughest enforcers depends on one’s viewpoint—we lay out country-by-country look at the enforcement trends to date.


Qualcomm fined $271M for predatory pricing


The European Commission has fined Qualcomm 242 million Euros (U.S. $271 million) for anti-competitive behavior in violation of EU antitrust rules. Qualcomm says it has done nothing wrong and will appeal the finding.

Antitrust debate

Congress debates: Are tech giants bullies or saviors?


Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple were called before Congress this week to debate what critics perceive as the anti-competitive, entrepreneur-chilling effects they trigger with their size and scope.


Google, Amazon fire back: Rising tide lifts all boats


A common refrain—and effective defense—from tech companies at the House Judiciary hearing this week was that rather than stifling competition, their size and scope is responsible for a tide that raises all boats in their wake.


Sept. 10 | BPO 3.0 Business Process Outsourcing for Compliance?

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Webcast details: September 10, 2019 – 2 p.m. ET   |  CPE Credit(s): 1


EU investigating Amazon over antitrust concerns


The European Commission is investigating Amazon over concerns that the company’s use of data gathered from independent retailers that sell on its marketplace breaches EU competition rules.


Congress, Treasury take swings at Facebook’s Libra plan


A plan by Facebook to enter the world of virtual currency is attracting predictable skepticism in Washington. It could also expedite the slow emergence of national data protection laws.

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FTC looks worryingly timid in staying silent on Facebook


The FTC, by dragging its feet and keeping silent on a massive Facebook fine, raises concerns about its potential role as top cop on the data privacy beat.

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After another arrogant move, Facebook needs to be put in check


The social media company is hardly quiet about its crypto initiative, but nevertheless failed to see the materiality of creating a global payments system.

Facebook crypto

Fed Chair urges caution with Facebook virtual currency venture


Count Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and several members of Congress as concerned observers of Facebook’s planned foray into the world of virtual currency.

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Guide: Can your ID verification solution stand the heat?

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The price of fraud keeps going up, costing the global economy $41.6 trillion per year. Recognizing the four degrees of fraud is the first step in keeping fraudulent users off your platform.


U.K.'s CMA mulls new regulator to tackle Big Tech


The CMA, U.K.’s competition watchdog, explores whether a separate regulator is needed to oversee leading digital firms that have become “data monopolies” that stifle competition.

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White paper: 5 Compliance Steps for Video Conference Recording in Financial Services

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There are 6+ different electronic communications present in video conferencing. MiFID II and SEC 17a-4 have retention and supervision requirements that apply to the audio and electronic communication within video conferences, requiring organizations to develop a compliance plan to govern this growing medium of communication.


Vote: Would you give up social media use for lifetime data privacy?


Would you give up social media for life in order to guarantee a lifetime of data privacy? According to a study by global cyber-security company Kaspersky, nearly 4 in 10 (38 percent) consumers would.

Data Harvest

Congress takes aim at Big Tech with new bills


Bills working through Congress would make it harder for tech companies to profit from consumer data and force them to better secure networked devices.


Poll shows gaps in integrated risk management


Many organizations’ enterprise risk management capabilities aren’t as integrated as they need to be, leaving them vulnerable to legal, financial, regulatory, and reputational risks, according to a new GRC benchmark report.

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Warner, Rubio urge no retreat from Huawei pressures


A bipartisan duo of senators has expressed concern that the White House might go easy on Huawei to achieve a favorable outcome on trade negotiations.


Despite critics, Facebook plunges into virtual currency


Amid growing antitrust scrutiny and data privacy complaints, Facebook is nevertheless expanding into the cryptocurrency space.


Webcast: Compliance trends and futures – how technology is driving change

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The compliance world is changing. Regulations are evolving and new technology addressing compliance challenges are becoming available. From international privacy regulations to new communication channels, how can organizations keep up with those changing regulations and how can they remain nimble.

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Breaking up is dumb to do


Is splitting up big tech companies a cure for their outsized influence? Probably not.


Antitrust argument the latest attempt to regulate Big Tech


Congress and presidential candidates alike are escalating their efforts to thwart the dominance of the tech giants.


States continue to fill federal data privacy void


While Congress largely remains mired in hearings and pre-election posturing, states are increasingly putting their own scrutiny on large tech companies and their data collection policies.

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White paper: Social media communications: Reward—and risk

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Social communication is no longer optional—even for businesses. Clients expect to engage with businesses on social media, and the most successful firms are delivering on that expectation. But as your digital presence grows, so does your exposure to risk.


Data, behavioral analysis must go hand in hand


There is a growing realization that data analysis, devoid of psychological and behavioral analysis, might not be as effective as hoped or intended.


IBE produces AI guidance for boards


The U.K. Institute of Business Ethics is offering a new guide for companies faced with the ethical challenges of artificial intelligence.

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Webcast: Best Practices for Managing Risk in the Age of Digital Transformation

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Digital transformation is no longer optional. It has become mandatory for businesses to remain relevant and to compete in today’s digital economy. Now more than ever, an integrated approach to governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) is required to provide a wider view of changing organizational risk.


‘Context’ matters in AI decision making, says ICO


Transparency for all AI-generated decisions is not as important as context, according to new research from U.K. data regulator the Information Commissioner’s Office.


Google probe a sign U.S. getting serious about breaking up Big Tech?


The DOJ has reportedly been laying the groundwork for a Google-focused antitrust investigation in what seems to be the latest signal regulators have the tech giants in their crosshairs.


How to best leverage data to identify corruption


A panel of CCOs met at Compliance Week’s annual conference to discuss how data and analytics can be used to prevent corruption.


U.S. could ban all Huawei products


New moves from the Commerce Department suggest a full domestic ban on products from the Chinese telecom giant Huawei are forthcoming.


SEC charges GT Advanced Technologies with fraud


GT Advanced Technologies is in trouble with the SEC for misleading shareholders about its ability to provide sapphire glass to Apple for its iPhones.

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The Compliance Officer’s Ultimate Compliance Guide

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The job of compliance officer has become increasingly dominated by technology and automation. And one under constant pressure from changing regulation globally.

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AI for Identity Verification: Going Beyond the Buzzwords

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The way we verify our identities is changing. With traditional enterprises evolving and taking their operations fully digital, and newer all-digital businesses are growing exponentially, it makes sense that identity verification and KYC move online too. But in a remote setting, it’s hard for businesses to scale up their user ...


Washington state privacy legislation fades, for now

2019-04-23T19:07:00+01:00By DeAnn Orie

The second proposed data privacy regulation in the nation has failed to come to fruition for the time being.


The Boston RegTech Meetup: Dedicated to removing friction to innovation

2019-04-16T21:09:00+01:00By Chuck Senatore

At the upcoming CW annual conference, an expert panel will examine ways to bring regulators, firms, and innovators together to discuss how to get new ideas to the table faster and how to implement them at the same pace.

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Artificial intelligence joins the AML crusade

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Artificial intelligence is transforming the way that companies and regulators alike tackle money-laundering and terrorist financing risk in remarkable and significant ways.


EDPS investigating contractual arrangements concerning software used by EU firms


The European Data Protection Supervisor, which is responsible for enforcing and monitoring EU companies’ compliance with data protection rules, said it is has launched an investigation into the compliance of contractual arrangements between EU institutions and Microsoft.