Format: 2-day training
Instructor: Dean Rowan

Elevate your command of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing with our expert-led two-day program. Designed for advanced professionals, this curriculum delivers a thorough understanding of the latest strategic, analytical, and technological advancements in AML/CFT.

About the trainer

Dean Rowan 2x3

Dean Rowan is an internationally recognized governance, risk, and compliance specialist; a published author; and a regular market commentator.

As a recognized trainer for boards of financial institutions and listed companies globally, he operates at the highest levels in the private sector and with public and regulatory bodies.

Dean runs GRC and board and director programs for EY and other director institutes around the world.

Dean is an advisory board member of the International Compliance Association, the regional director of the Professional Risk Managers International Association, an advisory C’ee member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and chairman of GCC Compliance and AML.