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    SEC targets Musk for ‘misleading’ Tesla tweets


    The Securities and Exchange Commission is suing Tesla for online comments made last month by founder Elon Musk about possibly taking the publicly traded company private, and is seeking to oust Musk as CEO.

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    Senators urge social media giants to block 3-D gun blueprints


    A group of Senate Democrats is urging leading technology companies to ensure that the publication of 3-D gun printing materials, which violate their terms of service, is not allowed on their platforms.

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    Senators want scrutiny of Trump tweet on unemployment data


    Democratic senators wants regulators to investigate whether “President Trump’s reckless comments on market-moving economic data" was a catalyst for insider trading. On June 1, Trump tweeted about positive employment numbers before the data went public.

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    Social media basics for the CCO


    Building a robust Twitter feed is a must-have in every compliance toolbox. As such, compliance professionals need to brush up on social media.

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    Social media companies lag on compliance with EU consumer rules


    Social media companies—Facebook, Twitter, and Google+—need to do more to respond to requests made last March by the European Commission and member states' consumer authorities to comply with EU consumer protection rules.

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    Former Google CFO joins Twitter board


    Patrick Pichette, former chief finanicial officer of Google, will join Twitter's board of directors as a new independent director, effective Dec. 1, 2017. He will also join both the audit and compensation committees of the board.

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    Perplexed 'False Tweeter' Claims to Have No Interest in Stock Market


    James Alan Craig is no retired Croatian underwear seamstress but the most recent developments in his "false tweets" case are starting to remind me a bit of the Sonja Anticevic saga from back in 2005.

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    SEC, DOJ Pursue Scottish Trader for 'False Tweets'


    Market manipulation is nothing new, of course, but both the SEC and DOJ pursued a social media-age method of illegally moving the market last week when they brought securities fraud charges against a Scottish trader whose allegedly used "false tweets" to caused the stock prices of two companies to plunge.

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    Blockbuster Mergers Prompt 'Tweet' Disclosures


    “Safe, not sorry” is the approach companies currently involved in multi-billion dollar mergers are taking to their disclosures of social media communications to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Insurance giants Aetna and Humana, in the midst of a $37 billion deal, and Charter Communications(merging with Time Warner Cable), have disclosed ...

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    My 15 'Must-Follows' on Twitter -- 2015 Edition


    In May 2009, when Twitter was in its infancy, I created a list of "15 People All Securities and Corporate Litigators Should Follow on Twitter." I updated that list here in February 2010, adding and removing a few people as I tried to identify the people and organizations who "consistently ...

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    OMG it is #TBT at the SEC!


    It is Thursday, so that means it is "Throwback Thursday" on Twitter and other social media sites such as Instagram. Throwback Thursday (referred to on Twitter and elsewhere by the hashtag #TBT) is the day of the week when many Twitter users reminisce by posting an old photo.This morning, for ...