This webcast aired on November 7, 2023.
CPE Credit(s): 1

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With recent announcements of increasingly stringent federal policies around recordkeeping and due diligence, compliance and investigation professionals are feeling the pressure to demonstrate consistency and rigor in their case management processes.

Planning your investigation, having the right team members involved, and reporting on outcomes of an investigation can all be difficult phases of the process.

Being able to demonstrate that you are quickly, consistently, and accurately triaging incidents is even more important now.

The key is to establish decision-making approaches and plan out your entire protocol before the matter comes to your attention through hotline reporting or other mechanisms. This ensures structure and success as you triage, investigate, staff the investigation properly and meet the inevitable challenges of reporting and addressing the root causes of incidents.

Join compliance expert Tom Fox as he explores these topics and more.

This webinar will provide a guide to key triage best practices, including:

  • Rapid and secure report intake
  • Triage decision-making
  • Ensuring consistency across scenarios
  • Case linking to identify changing scenarios
  • Recordkeeping for precedent and if the regulators come knocking

Thomas Fox, The Compliance Evangelist®