This webcast aired on November 14, 2023.
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An organization’s ability to withstand disruption is closely intertwined with the risks associated with its external partnerships. By understanding and integrating resilience and third-party risk management, organizations can enhance their overall resilience and better safeguard their operations in an increasingly complex and interconnected business landscape.

In this session, experts from Riskonnect and Deloitte will explore why it is important for organizations to align strategies, processes, and practices related to business resilience with the risks posed by third-party vendors and partners.

You’ll learn:

  • Overview of the current global regulatory landscape and its impact on third-party risk management and resilience
  • Key components of effective third-party risk management, including how to identify and assess potential risks within your supply chain
  • How organizations can adapt their third-party risk management program to build greater transparency and resilience

Brian Zawada, Vice President, Strategy, Resilience – Riskonnect, Inc.
Quin Rodriguez, Vice President, Strategy, GRC – Riskonnect, Inc.
Dan Kinsella, Partner, Risk & Financial Advisory – Deloitte
Travis Markowitz, Managing Director, Cyber &Strategic Risk – Deloitte