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    CFTC whistleblower payouts, tips received drop in FY2019


    The CFTC made a handful of big payouts to whistleblowers in fiscal year 2019, but denied awards on 129 applications in the same timeframe.

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    House approves PCAOB whistleblower program


    The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill to move the creation of a whistleblower program at the PCAOB forward. While some praised the development, others cautioned it’s a redundant and flawed measure.

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    GE rails against new whistleblower allegations of fraud


    GE picks apart new whistleblower allegations of $38 billion accounting fraud. “Market manipulation—pure and simple,” says Chairman and CEO Larry Culp.

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    CFTC issues joint $2M whistleblower award


    The Commodity Futures Trading Commission announced on July 1 an award of $2 million to two “model whistleblowers” who provided the agency with “significant information” that prompted the CFTC to open an investigation.

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    CFTC: First award issued to a foreign whistleblower


    The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) on Monday announced an award of more than $70,000 to a whistleblower who “significantly” contributed to an ongoing CFTC investigation and led the CFTC to a successful settlement.

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    Kobe Steel: “We are extremely sorry for our improper conduct”


    The biggest question surrounding the recent scandal at Kobe Steel is: If you have all the right systems in place—culture of compliance, proper regulations, good quality control, and more—but admit you’ve largely ignored them, how do you convince customers and investors going forward that you’re ready to comply?

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    Putting a human face on the internal reporting process


    Some lessons from two infamous whistleblowers: Daniel Ellsberg, who was responsible for the Pentagon Papers, and Wendy Addison, who spoke recently about her experiences in bringing to light fraud and corruption in LeisureNet Ltd. back in 2000.

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    SEC issues $20 million whistleblower award


    On Monday, the SEC announced an award of more than $20 million to a whistleblower. It is the third largest bounty thus far for the Commission's whistleblower program. Joe Mont has more.