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    SEC whistleblower chief Sean McKessy to depart agency


    The SEC announced today that after more than five years as the first-ever chief of the SEC’s Office of the Whistleblower, Sean McKessy plans to leave the agency. McKessy joined the SEC to head up its new whistleblower program in February 2011 and has helped get the program on strong ...

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    SEC awards two more whistleblowers


    The SEC is awarding more than $450,000 to two individuals for a tip that led the agency to open a corporate accounting investigation and for their assistance once the investigation was underway. The whistleblower award is the third announced by the SEC in the past week, says CW’s Jaclyn Jaeger, ...

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    CFTC whistleblower program finally scores big with $10 million award


    Image: The Commodity Futures Trading Commission had been off to a slow start with its Dodd-Frank whistleblower program, having paid out just two awards totaling $530,000 over the entire life of the program. That changed dramatically last week, however, when the CFTC announced a huge award of more than $10 ...

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    A global glimpse at whistleblower protections in OECD countries


    More OECD countries have put in place dedicated whistleblower protection laws in the past five years than in the previous quarter century, according to analysis by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. But what’s a compliance officer to do when whistleblower protection laws in foreign countries directly contradict whistleblower ...

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    OSHA Seeks Comments on Whistleblower Guidance for Employers


    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is seeking public comments on a draft document intended to provide guidance to employers on preventing retaliation against whistleblowers. Comments are due Jan. 19, 2016.

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    Navigating Dodd-Frank’s Whistleblower Provisions and the FCPA


    The SEC recently reported that FY 2015 brought a new high for whistleblower tips regarding FCPA violations, and reiterated that the Dodd-Frank whistleblower incentive provisions have been a “game-changer” for FCPA enforcement. Last week, I hosted an interesting webcast on the subject of "Navigating the Minefield of Dodd-Frank’s Whistleblower Provisions ...

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    SEC: First-of-Their-Kind Actions Take the Spotlight in 2015


    The Securities and Exchange Commission continued to build a strong record of first-of-their-kind cases that spanned the spectrum of the securities industry, according to the agency’s fiscal year 2015 enforcement report. The SEC filed 807 enforcement actions, obtaining approximately $4.2 billion in disgorgement and penalties—an increase from the 755 enforcement ...

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    Appellate Court Ruling Leaves Compliance Officers Whistling in the Dark


    Image: The recent appellate court ruling to expand Dodd-Frank whistleblower protections again, even to those who don’t report misconduct to the SEC, does no favors for companies trying to find the right policies for anti-retaliation. Ken Gage, head of the whistleblower defense practice at law firm Paul Hastings, says the ...

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    SEC Issues Another Big Whistleblower Award


    The SEC has awarded more than $3 million to a company insider whose information helped the SEC crack a complex fraud case—the third-highest award to date under the SEC’s whistleblower program. Since its inception in 2011, the program has paid more than $50 million to 18 whistleblowers, including a more ...

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    $600,000 to Man in Whistleblower Retaliation Case


    The SEC has awarded $600,000 to the first person ever at the center of a whistleblower retaliation case, giving him the maximum award possible for information he provided to the SEC in an investigation against a financial firm in Albany, N.Y. The firm itself was charged in 2014 with retaliating ...

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    OSHA Gives Whistleblowers More Time to Report Retaliation


    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued a final rule that clarifies its procedures for handling whistleblower retaliation complaints. It gives aggrieved employees an extra 90 days to file allegations and allows those complaints to be made orally, not just in writing.

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    EU Agencies Slow to Implement Whistleblowing Policies


    Image: Title: O'ReillyDespite a year-old mandate to implement internal whistleblowing rules, only the European Commission and the Court of Auditors have followed through, according to EU Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly. O’Reilly said, “The public needs to know that the EU institutions welcome whistleblowing and protect whistleblowers against retaliation to make ...

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    $500,000 SEC Whistleblower Award to Corporate Officer


    The SEC announced today that it issued a sizable whistleblower award to a former corporate officer. The SEC stated that while corporate officers and directors are typically not eligible under the Dodd-Frank whistleblower statute to receive awards, the statute carves out an exception if an officer reports information concerning misconduct ...

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    2014 Marked Record Year for SEC Whistleblower Program


    Fiscal year 2014 marked a historic year for the Securities and Exchange Commission’s whistleblower program both in the number of tips it received and the number and dollar amount of whistleblower rewards the agency doled out, according to the SEC’s annual report to Congress. The SEC received 3,620 whistleblower tips ...

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    GAO Faults SEC for Internal Control Deficiencies


    The message from the Government Accountability Office to the Securities and Exchange Commission: practice what you preach. A new, 176-page report from the government watchdog faults the agency for “a significant deficiency" in internal controls for its Investor Protection Fund.

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