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    e-Book: How to get the most out of your compliance training

    2020-03-04T10:40:00Z Provided by

    Traditionally one of the more thankless jobs in compliance, training is evolving from a tedious (yet critical) requirement to an engaging, informative exercise that not only keeps your organization walking an ethical straight line, but—in some cases—actually helps identify strengths and weaknesses in your culture.

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    White paper: Why So Serious? How Humor Can Boost Your Compliance Training

    2020-02-13T07:25:00Z Provided by

    We can all agree that most check-the-box compliance training is less than exciting. Actually, most of it is the opposite of exciting; it’s beat-your-head-on-the-desk boring. Venture outside of the box and add a few laughs.

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    Survey: Lack of adequate funding for compliance training pervasive


    If you’re among the practitioners who need more resources to turn your compliance training program into one that is truly effective (and that’s many of you, according to our survey), we have some advice.

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    The benefits of tailored compliance training


    A thoughtful look at focusing compliance training on an employee-by-employee basis could mean the difference in keeping corporate compliance on the right track.

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    Design of your compliance training


    The Man From FCPA identifies what steps companies should take after giving employees a risk ranking to design effective compliance training.

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    Risk-ranking and compliance training


    The Justice Department’s Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs advises taking a risk-based approach to identifying employees in the three-tiered ranking.

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    Targeted and focused compliance training


    One of the key goals of any FCPA compliance program is to train company employees in awareness and understanding of the FCPA itself.

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    How the 4 Cs of compliance training protect financial institutions


    Compliance training often can be hard to sell internally. But a training program that focuses on four cardinal virtues not only can gain traction, but can deliver value to the enterprise.

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    Don’t Let Bad Culture Short-Circuit Your Training


    A compliance training program is only as effective as the corporate culture it stands upon—which means employee cynicism and fear of retaliation need to be addressed first if you ever hope your training program will matter. Inside we look at how CCOs can combat cynicism, even when it takes a ...

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    Confounding Hints on CCO Success


    Image: Everyone knows that independent chief compliance officers make for a better compliance program, right? Um, perhaps we need to think again: New data suggests that companies with compliance reporting into the general counsel tend to be more effective. The lesson may not be one of inherent superiority, says LRN’s ...

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    CCOs Need to Be Schooled on Effective Training


    Compliance and ethics training needs to move beyond the standard training video and PC-based testing. While online tests are an adequate exercise in rote memorization, experts say the future of effective training means understanding the unique psychologies of the workforce and managers, customizing your messages, and shaping training objectives around ...

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    Setting the Career Path for Compliance Officers


    The Compliance Week 2012 conference is now part of history, and we had a fantastic three days of panel discussions, keynote addresses, product demonstrations and case studies. More than 450 people attended, and you can read plenty of coverage of the event in this week's newsletter and our print magazine ...