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    James Comey: Lessons from Enron era will ‘become real again’


    Former FBI Director James Comey kicked off Compliance Week’s 16th annual National Conference on Tuesday by speaking candidly about a variety of risk and compliance matters, including the importance of a strong ethical culture in the coming post-pandemic “boom times.”

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    SEC’s Clayton digs into the basics of company culture


    SEC Chairman Jay Clayton used a speaking engagement this week to champion the need to establish a firm-wide culture of compliance.

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    Corporate culture may be even more important now


    Smart strategies for influencing corporate culture include aligning incentives and recognizing that “tone at the top” needs to be supplemented by “tone at the bottom.”

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    Creating a culture open to change


    In this latest installment of the GRC Illustrated Series, OCEG and Compliance Week explore ways to help companies combat resistance to a change in corporate culture.

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    Carillion: compliance without complying


    The Carillion collapse illustrates once again that compliance with the U.K. corporate governance code does nothing to prevent bad actors from making bad decisions.

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    PCAOB ponders plateau, calls on firms to dig deeper


    With PCAOB inspection results hitting a plateau, how can auditors be held accountable for better audit quality? Amid allegations of fraud and conspiracy, is culture a factor?

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    CCO learning from the KPMG indictments


    There is no doubt KPMG was under pressure to improve the firm’s audit practices, but how much pressure does it take for three national practice leaders to actively participate in an illegal scheme? CCOs need to study this case and think about their firm’s regulatory oversight.

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    5 proof points of a culture of compliance


    Everybody likes to think they have a culture of compliance, but how do you really know if it’s true or not? Here are five ways to see if perception and reality are in sync.

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    Using metrics to gauge corporate culture


    At a recent ethics and compliance virtual conference, ethics officers shared their approaches for gathering and using metrics to gauge corporate culture.

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    Survey: Office culture still a major barrier to whistleblowing


    Whistleblowing is becoming a more standardized practice in workplaces around the world, but workplace culture is still deterring large numbers of employees from engaging in the practice, new research by law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer has revealed.

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    Culture, compliance, and the board


    Companies need to beware of two debilitating types of corporate culture, according to Uber board member Arianna Huffington, “the cult of the top performer” and “the culture of burnout and stress.”

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    NACD report on board culture and corporate culture


    Have boards of directors finally begun to wake up to their role in the fight against bribery, corruption and unethical corporate behavior? Tom Fox explores.

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    Flying the (not so) friendly skies of United


    United Airlines seems to be battling an internal cultural issue, as recent events suggest. The beleaguered airline is once again in the news—this time for forcing a paying passenger off a flight to make room for its own staff.

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    Governance compliance on the rise, but more is not always better


    Compliance and reporting are on the rise, but so is the amount of material used as documentation. Is quality getting mired by quantity? Paul Hodgson reports.

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    New IIA data tallies political pressure on internal auditors


    Tammy Whitehouse has the results of a new report from the Internal Audit Foundation that says one in four practitioners around the world face pressure to suppress or change audit findings.

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    A culture of sexual harassment


    Columnist Richard Steinberg looks at the sexual harassment suit against Fox News CEO Roger Ailes and its impact on corporate culture, asking, “What to do when the CEO is also chairman?” That’s why board independence is so important, says Steinberg.

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    To really improve corporate culture, it must be measurable


    The days of viewing culture as a hazy intangible are over, given regulator interest in using the efficiency of cultural programs as benchmarks for everything from indictment decisions to penalties. Corporate culture, says Jose Tabuena, needs to be subject to performance benchmarks, like anything else.

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    FRC: U.K. corporate culture needs serious work


    The United Kingdom’s Financial Reporting Council has released a report of observations on overall U.K. corporate culture and highlighted a number of ways in which boards and management can make some much-needed adjustments. Neil Hodge has more.

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    Monitoring corporate culture


    A recent report from the Financial Reporting Council offers guidance to board chairmen on how to promote corporate culture. The report advises boards to align values, exercise steardship, and demonstrate leadership, among other steps. Paul Hodgson provides an in-depth look.

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    Internal audit: an unlikely driver for corporate culture


    As regulators such as FINRA increasingly view culture as a factor when determining wrongdoing and punishment, building a strong culture is taking center stage. Jose Tabuena reports.