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  • Samsung

    Details murky in Samsung’s second data breach this year


    Samsung revealed a hacker accessed the personal data of an unspecified number of its U.S.-based customers, even after improving its cybersecurity systems following a previous breach earlier this year.

  • Samsung

    Samsung heir Jay Lee returns to prison for bribery scandal


    Jay Lee, the heir and de facto leader of family-owned conglomerate Samsung, was sentenced to prison for 2 1/2 years in a retrial regarding his role in a bribery scandal involving the former president of South Korea.

  • VWcrop

    Five compliance triumphs from 2020


    CW reveals its list of five compliance wins from the year, including Samsung for its honesty, Volkswagen for successfully wrapping up its monitorship, 3M for stellar ethics, and more.

  • Ward

    Bob Ward on pros of targeted sanctions


    Bob Ward, director of trade compliance at Wesco International, explains to columnist Tom Fox the benefits of targeted sanctions and how compliance practitioners can properly respond to such.

  • Nokia

    Nokia discloses Alcatel-Lucent compliance issues


    Following its 2016 acquisition of Paris-based telecommunications company Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia disclosed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it has “been made aware of certain practices relating to compliance issues at the former Alcatel-Lucent business that have raised concerns.”