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    Harmonizing corporate disclosure on climate change by making the most of your CDP response


    Linking corporate sustainability and good business results is a big part of driving companies to adopt more environmentally responsible outlooks and operational strategies. But there is more than one way to determine that link, and harmonizing the results between various methodologies is key for creating the best kind of sustainability ...

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    SASB Unveils Guide for ESG Disclosures


    For companies that want to integrate sustainability and corporate responsibility reporting into existing 10-K or 20-F disclosures, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board recently issued a new reference document intended to assist that integration. The implementation guide will help issuers achieve three objectives: identify the industry-specific sustainability topics most likely to ...

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    EU Companies Face CSR Reporting Mandate in 2016


    Image: This week Compliance Week starts a series on corporate sustainability, asking the most basic question of all: Will sustainability reporting ever be required? Yes, at least in the European Union. Inside we look at the state of CSR in Europe, and what role compliance officers are likely to play. ...