The value of sales and compliance allyship


Believe it or not, two of the least likely allies at a B2B company—sales and compliance—can work together to achieve a harmony that benefits both internal stakeholders and customers.

Fast Company recently published an article on the benefits of aligning the sales and marketing functions within B2B companies. The writer outlined the challenges and obstacles that often accompany bringing together two siloed teams that do not usually collaborate.

Everyone knows what a sales team does: It sells products and services and advances the interests and fortunes of the company by getting into customers’ hands as many widgets as possible. Sales teams often achieve this by showcasing features and functionalities that they think customers want and value.

What does the compliance team do? It’s a question we get often. We do not do a great job of “selling” what we do, whether to other teams in the company or the customers themselves. Nor do we convince them of the value that we could provide to them.

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