Why MobilityWorks shifted from manual to automatic for dealer compliance

Accessible vehicle

When I joined Cleveland-based MobilityWorks as director of risk and compliance in March 2022, one of the first things I did was to ask what system our compliance professionals were using to maintain and renew the regulatory requirements to stay open for business.

I found our compliance people were doing their best but struggling to keep tabs on an expanding number of licenses and renew them in a timely way. With more than 90 locations, MobilityWorks offers the United States’ largest selection of wheelchair accessible vehicles and adaptive solutions.

My team told me the system they used was a manual one, including notebooks and reams of lists and due dates. I challenged my team to research different methods to help automate the department’s work and improve outcomes. After evaluating three to five software platforms, we chose a software as a service-based compliance system that tracks all our licenses and more.

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