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    Top ethics and compliance failures of 2019


    From antitrust and privacy concerns in the tech world to compliance officer liability in the pharmaceutical industry to unethical practices in the banking and accounting professions, more than a dozen companies made Compliance Week’s list of the biggest compliance fails in 2019.

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    Time to reassess the meaning of ‘compliance’


    Deutsche Bank is just the latest scandal-plagued bank to make headlines, once again, for ignoring sound compliance advice. Maybe it’s time to eliminate the entire concept of compliance altogether, writes an exasperated Jaclyn Jaeger.

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    Epstein lesson: Ignored compliance advice a red flag


    The Jeffrey Epstein scandal serves up a cautionary lesson for those who work for companies that put profits over ethics.

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    Roughly half of S&P 500 disclose expected CECL impact


    A little more than half of the S P 500 have disclosed something about how they expect to be affected by CECL reporting when it begins next year.

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    Banks, central banks warned of crypto-currency risks and pitfalls


    Despite failures, plummeting prices, and a plethora of risks, financial institutions and central banks are cautiously looking at ways to use virtual currencies. International regulators are warning them that doing so haphazardly could be disastrous.

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    Banks form industry consortium to transform third-party risk management


    A consortium of leading financial institutions—including American Express, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo—announced the formation of TruSight, a company designed to combine best practices and simplify the process of conducting third-party risk assessments of suppliers and partners across the financial services industry.

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    Disparaging a speak-up culture


    Tom Fox explores the recent case of JPMorgan Chase when an employee’s former manager added material to a terminated employee’s file post termination to beef up the excuses for the termination. Not a good sign, says Fox, and possibly a sign of an ineffective compliance program.