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  • Lefort_opinion

    Ten things I’d like to see happen in 2021 (2020 in review)


    Many of the things I’d like to see in 2021 are directly related to regulatory changes we anticipate are coming under a Biden administration, but they’re mixed with a few lessons from the pandemic we hope carry into a post-COVID world. 

  • Employee pressure

    Survey: Weak leadership contributes to employee pressure to bend rules


    A new global business ethics survey released by the Ethics & Compliance Initiative seeks to explain what factors contribute to employee pressure to compromise ethical policies or regulations and how to reduce that pressure.

  • Lefort_opinion

    CW2020 wrap-up: Tips for CCOs on leading in a crisis


    The themes of honesty and integrity defined the leadership best practices shared by more than 40 speakers across 15 sessions at Compliance Week’s first-ever Virtual Conference.

  • GrantThornton

    Grant Thornton changes leaders, ending CEO term early


    Offering no specific reason for his early departure, Grant Thornton says Mike McGuire is stepping aside as CEO.

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    Uber works on its leadership and teamwork


    Uber is taking steps to clean up its act. The company has hired Frances Frei as head of leadership and as the unofficial cheerleader for the company, whe will be teaching management skills at all levels and how to work as a team and lead an effort on business strategy.

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    The Next Plateau for CCOs: Becoming Leaders


    Image: More and more evidence suggests compliance officers are now sitting alongside other senior corporate leaders at their organizations—so now they need to exercise that leadership role properly. That was the discussion at Compliance Week 2015, and we have all the insights inside. “More compliance officers are being asked for ...

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    More Lessons From Ebola Mistakes


    Image: Title: KellyA foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds—and also the sign of reckless policy management. Case in point: the quarantine imposed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie upon Kaci Hickox, the nurse returning from Ebola work in Africa who was not sick. From poor risk assessment to ...