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    CFPB, NLRB to collaborate on monitoring employee surveillance


    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and National Labor Relations Board pledged to share information regarding instances of improper employer use of surveillance tools and the sale of employees’ personal information.

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    NLRB names first chief diversity officer


    The National Labor Relations Board announced the appointment of Kimberly Sanford as its first chief diversity officer.

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    NLRB to enhance enforcement of unfair labor practices


    National Labor Relations Board General Counsel Jennifer Abruzzo issued a memo signaling the agency will broadly be expanding the remedies it seeks against companies that engage in unfair labor practices.

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    NLRB turns back time on test used to determine employee status


    A recent ruling by the National Labor Relations Board restores a traditional test for classifying workers as either employees or independent contractors.

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    Shutdown starts to pose new risks for businesses


    The longest government shutdown in U.S. history is increasingly a catalyst for new risks and tough choices for corporations.

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    NLRB proposes change to joint-employer standard


    On Friday, the National Labor Relations Board will publish a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in the Federal Register regarding its joint-employer standard, a policy that will particularly affect franchise owners.

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    McDonald's nears agreement with NLRB over joint employer status


    McDonald's and the NLRB are nearing approval on settlement agreements related to how much control the parent company had over how franchisees treated their employees and resulting wage violations. The case is part of the confusing landscape of what constitutes joint employer status.

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    Senators urge NLRB to advance McDonald’s joint-employer case


    Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is leading a group of five senators who wrote to Peter Robb, general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board, requesting that he allow the trial in the McDonald’s joint-employer case to proceed so that a judge may rule on the fast food giant’s liability.

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    Ethics lapse forces NLRB Board to vacate joint employee standards


    The National Labor Relations Board, recently abating the longstanding confusion over who is designated as a joint employer and why, is right back at the drawing board with an administrative move that puts the old Browning-Ferris standard for joint employment back into effect.

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    Google prevails in firing of diversity critic


    A Google employee who mocked the company’s diversity policies and female coders has lost an appeal to the National Labor Relations Board and will not be reinstated.

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    A shot in the arm for franchises


    The NLRB is turning back the clock when it comes to joint-employer status, overruling its 2015 decision related to Browning-Ferris Industries, which could make joint-employer rules less onerous.

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    NLRB General Counsel memo a boon for employers


    Newly appointed National Labor Relations Board General Counsel Peter Robb this week issued a memorandum encompassing at a high level his initial agenda as General Counsel, much of which should come as welcome news to employers.

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    House bill seeking clarity on joint employer standard passes


    The House of Representatives, by a vote of 242-181, approved a bill that seeks to overturn an Obama administration NLRB ruling that redefined longstanding policies regarding joint employer status.

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    NLRB compliance officer fabricated victims, stole from compensation fund


    A former NLRB compliance officer pleaded guilty this week to charges he stole more than $400,000 from an agency fund he oversaw that was intended to distribute funds to employees victimized by labor law violations.

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    Bill would strip NLRB of prosecutorial powers


    Recent legislation, gaining Republican support, would limit the power of the NLRB. It would be able to conduct investigations, but not be allowed to prosecute them.

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    Companies applaud NLRB's retreat from 'joint employer' guidance


    The Department of Labor has withdrawn one of its most controversial actions of the Obama Administration, guidance that made many companies responsible for labor violations committed by independent franchisees and third parties.

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    Miscimarra named NLRB Chairman


    President Donald J. Trump has named Philip A. Miscimarra as chairman of the National Labor Relations Board, a move that promotes him from acting chairman.

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    NLRB, FTC, and CFTC have new leadership


    President Donald Trump has named Philip Miscimarra acting chairman of the National Labor Relations Board, the first step in what observers see as a shift back to more management-friendly policies and rulings. Joe Mont reports.

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    New DoL Guidance Has Chilling Effect on Third-Party Relationships


    Does your company use sub-contractors or have franchisees? Ever put a vendor compliance program in place? If so, new guidance from the Department of Labor is about to make life more complicated. It broadens how joint employer relationships—where two or more companies cooperatively employ workers—will be defined and applied under ...

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    New NLRB Standard Causes Compliance Joint Pains


    Image: The National Labor Relations Board has startled Corporate America with its recent ruling that drastically expands the definition of a “joint employer.” Compliance officers should scramble for all those contracts your company has with staffing agencies, franchisees, and similar parties; review them closely to shed any right of control ...