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    White paper: Reinventing Security, Risk & Compliance Practices Through COVID-19

    2020-04-30T06:43:00Z Provided by

    The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced us to a new reality. Every aspect of business has been impacted—from supply chain operations to risk measurement to stakeholder communication.

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    Blueprint Software, partner on regulatory risk


    Blueprint Software, a provider of regulatory change management solutions, announced its partnership with RegTech company to supply Blueprint customers with financial-focused regulatory content.

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    FCA seeks to mitigate Brexit-related risk


    The U.K. Financial Conduct Authority is on a mission to thwart as many “cliff-edge” risks as possible during the Brexit transition.

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    New Zealand’s financial regulator to financial services firms: Culture is lacking


    New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority, the government agency responsible for financial regulation, on Aug. 9 set out its work plan for the year ahead, as the conduct and culture of the country's financial services industry comes under increased scrutiny.

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    Centene rotates executives as part of its executive development program


    Centene announced, consistent with its policy of rotating executives as part of its executive development program, a rotation that provides for new roles and responsibilities for a number of its senior executives, including a new compliance, internal audit, and risk leader.

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    PwC internal audit study centers on need for innovation


    Technology and innovation should be a priority for internal auditors, in terms of both the risks  it produces and how auditors use it to address risks.

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    Auditors offer ideas to help address cyber-readiness


    In an era of inevitable cyber-hacks, what more can companies do to protect against and respond to a breach? Auditors are offering some attestation and reporting ideas.

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    New ERM framework links risk to strategy, performance


    Courtesy of COSO, companies have a new risk framework to consider that has the potential to drive a new risk mindset deeper into the organization.

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    Newest internal audit poll calls for focus on disruption


    If there’s a point to internal audit beyond fulfilling a compliance requirement, it seems as if corporate America is still trying to figure it out.

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    Internet of Things’ role in internal audit & compliance


    How can internal audit support disruptive opportunities while monitoring for emerging risks coming from the Internet of Things? Columnist Jose Tabuena discusses these challenges.

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    Board needs more time for strategy, risk, directors say


    A recent KPMG roundtable series revealed that corporate boards just don’t spend enough time on strategy, strategic risk, technology, cyber-security, executive succession planning, or talent development. Tammy Whitehouse has more details.

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    Commercial drones raise compliance issues for shipping industry


    The shipping industry’s innovative use of drones to ferry goods to tanker ships shows promise, but carries compliance risk. Guest columnist Martin Foncello of Exiger gets into the details.

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    FRC: What investors should expect in company records


    Stephen Haddrill, chief executive of the U.K.’s Financial Reporting Council, wrote a letter to investors highlighting recent changes to companies’ annual reports and advising investors on what to expect in the coming crop. The report is “intended to be an important source of forward-looking information about strategy and risk,” he ...

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    Weekends are for ... fraud?


    The recent $101M heist from the Central Bank of Bangladesh would have been impossible had it not occurred over a weekend, and had weekends themselves not been observed on different days of the week in Bangladesh than they are in the United States. One thing’s for sure: Whenever the weekend ...

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    Bankers Need to Clean Up Their Act, Allianz Exec Says


    Image: Elizabeth Corley, global chief of Allianz Global Investors, warns that there can be serious consequences to the economy if bankers continue to engage in reckless misconduct. Corley says rogue bankers often see wrongdoing as a minor rather than a serious offence, which can lead to bigger problems for financial ...

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    Demystifying the Risks of Board-Level Risk Committees


    Image: In the wake of the financial crisis, many large financial institutions created new, board-level risk committees to oversee their most critical risk issues. For other industries, the decision to create a risk committee isn’t so simple—and isn’t without some risk-taking itself. “You have to guard against the risk that ...

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    Gap Analysis: C-Suite Struggling to Define Risks


    Image: Despite consensus that risk is a big deal—something companies should manage aggressively—recent academic research suggests that boardroom leaders focus on vastly different risks than compliance, audit, and risk executives do. “I wonder if there is a lack of understanding of the views of risk across the management team,” says ...

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    Survey: Financial Institutions Stymied by Conduct Risk


    Financial institutions may talk a lot about “conduct risk,” but few actually approach it with a clear definition and focus. Eighty-one percent of respondents in a survey conducted by Thomson Reuters Accelus say they do not have a working definition of what conduct risk is. A big reason: regulators leave ...

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    Reducing Systems and Risks in Purchase-to-Pay


    Most companies maintain several systems within their procurement and accounts payable functions, especially if they have grown through acquisition. But several systems can create risks, including low supplier visibility. Fewer systems can help, but it’s not a cure-all. Many companies find they need to take steps to reduce the risks ...