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  • Elizabeth Holmes

    Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to 11-plus years in prison


    Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes was sentenced to more than 11 years in prison Friday after being convicted of fraud earlier this year for her actions as head of the defunct blood-testing company.

  • CW2022 John Carreyrou

    Carreyrou lauds whistleblowers’ roles in helping expose Theranos fraud


    John Carreyrou, whose reporting exposed blood-testing company Theranos as a fraud, discussed the vital role lab director Adam Rosendorff and his other colleagues that came forward played as sources during a fireside chat at Compliance Week’s National Conference.

  • McDevitt_opinion

    The moral of Elizabeth Holmes’s story: Focus on facts, not facades


    The depiction of Elizabeth Holmes in the Hulu miniseries “The Dropout” bears out the tendency to filter judgment of the Theranos founder through the lens of her gender—but it’s her actions that should matter.

  • Allison Herren Lee and Hester Peirce

    Top 10 reasons to attend Compliance Week 2022


    A keynote with two SEC commissioners; interactive sessions on global sanctions, ESG, and ethical leadership; and a new conference location and format highlight Dave Lefort’s list of reasons to be excited for CW’s first in-person event in nearly three years.

  • Brasseur_opinion

    Elizabeth Holmes verdict primes DOJ for white-collar crackdown


    For Department of Justice leadership that recently laid out plans to strengthen their response to corporate crime, the outcome of the Elizabeth Holmes trial is an arrow in the quiver for what might be a new age of white-collar enforcement.

  • Elizabeth Holmes

    Need to know: Elizabeth Holmes’s Theranos trial set to begin


    Elizabeth Holmes’s legacy is on the line, as the long-awaited trial of the disgraced founder and CEO of blood-testing company Theranos begins Wednesday.

  • Carreyrou

    Carreyrou at TPRM: Theranos warning signs were there, but partners failed to spot them


    John Carreyrou explained to third-party risk professionals at CW’s TPRM Virtual Summit that the mistakes made by Theranos’s business partners were entirely preventable—had they done their proper due diligence.

  • Elizabeth Holmes

    Elizabeth Holmes might seek ‘mental disease’ defense at Theranos trial


    Elizabeth Holmes, founder and CEO of now-defunct blood testing company Theranos, is exploring the idea of using “mental disease or defect” as part of her defense during her criminal fraud trial, which is set to begin in March.

  • John Carreyrou

    John Carreyrou at TPRM: How to spot a wolf in Steve Jobs’ clothing


    John Carreyrou, the Wall Street Journal reporter who exposed Theranos and its founder Elizabeth Holmes as frauds, will be the keynote speaker on Day 2 of Compliance Week’s TPRM virtual conference Sept. 18.

  • Nailedit1200x800

    McDonald’s handling of ex-CEO scandal gets compliments, criticism


    A fresh podcast from the Theranos whistleblower and a new compliance association for Black practitioners get a round of applause from us this week, while a complicated case involving McDonald’s lands the company on both the “Nailed It” and “Failed It” lists.

  • cw2020jpg

    Special report: Compliance 2020


    CW Editor in Chief Dave Lefort offers 10 predictions on what will dominate compliance headlines in 2020.

  • Timeline

    Compliance 2020: A timeline


    Compliance Week looks back at two decades of scandals, enforcement actions, and regulatory policies (2000-2019) that shaped the compliance function we see today.

  • Mary Rentoumis

    Wells Fargo’s new TPRM head looked to Theranos for lessons


    At CW’s Third-Party Risk Management and Oversight Summit, the head of Wells Fargo’s global TPRM group took a few pages out of biotech startup Theranos’ book to shed light on what not to do when building a risk culture.

  • Blog

    The ‘how’ question in due diligence


    A clear lesson to be learned from the Theranos scandal is when conducting merger due diligence, make sure to determine how a new partner conducts itself and its business.

  • Blog

    Theranos founder charged in wire fraud scheme


    A federal grand jury on June 14 indicted the former founder and chief operating officer of private healthcare and life sciences company, Theranos, arising from allegations that they engaged in a multimillion-dollar scheme to defraud investors, and a separate scheme to defraud doctors and patients.

  • Blog

    Post-mortem on Theranos—where were the controls?


    Theranos’s fall from grace is one large-scale compliance failure. The reason? It’s all about internal controls, writes The Man From FCPA.

  • Blog

    Theranos appoints chief compliance officer


    Amid a heap of regulatory trouble, start-up life sciences company Theranos announced the appointment of two new executives to lead the company’s regulatory, quality and compliance efforts, including naming a chief compliane officer. The company also created a new compliance and quality committee. Jaclyn Jaeger has the details.

  • Blog

    Theranos’ health takes a turn for the worse


    The health of ailing biotech start-up Theranos continues to decline, as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services imposed numerous sanctions on the firm following a review last year of its laboratory operations that uncovered numerous compliance violations. Jaclyn Jaeger reports.

  • Blog

    Theranos further restructures its board, operations


    Theranos yesterday made further changes to board of directors, as the ailing biotech start-up faces civil and criminal investigation into whether it defrauded investors. The company also announced the retirement of Sunny Balwani as president and chief operating officer.

  • UnicornCrosshairs

    Bleeding out: Theranos oozes with corporate governance lessons


    A year ago, Theranos was a Silicon Valley health tech “unicorn” praised for breakthrough advancements in blood testing. Now it’s under civil and criminal investigation for defrauding investors. The role Theranos’ board has played in this is already shaping up to be a pointed object lesson for board best practices ...