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March 5 | Applying traditional TPRM security and data privacy practices in the digital space

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This webinar explores the compliance challenges posed by evolving privacy regulations and the recent explosion of class-action litigation arising from third-party advertising technology on websites.

White House

News Brief

Biden executive order to target commercial data broker activities


A new executive order seeks to put clamps on the sale of Americans’ personal data by data brokers and other companies to certain countries found to be of national security concern.


News Brief

Avast to pay $16.5M in FTC case over deceptive data selling


The Federal Trade Commission proposed Avast pay $16.5 million and be prohibited from selling any browser data to settle charges the software provider sold consumer information to third parties after promising it would not.


News Brief

DoorDash fined $375K in second public CCPA enforcement


Food delivery company DoorDash agreed to pay a $375,000 fine as part of a settlement announced by California Attorney General Rob Bonta addressing alleged violations of the California Consumer Privacy Act.

GDPR EU flag


Public consultation on GDPR opens door for changes


Feedback from a European Commission consultation on the six years of enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation could result in tweaks to the rules and potential changes to the way data protection authorities enforce them.



LRN survey: Compliance programs shifting focus from bribery, corruption


Many ethics and compliance programs have refocused their efforts away from bribery and corruption and onto data security and privacy, complex government regulations, artificial intelligence security, and other contemporary challenges, a survey from LRN found.

Cloud Computing


Toeing the ‘fine line’ of cloud security compliance


When organizations move their data or operations to the cloud, the compliance team has their work cut out and then some, experts discussed at CW’s Cyber Risk & Data Privacy Summit.

Employee monitoring


The blurred lines of employee monitoring under GDPR


The French data regulator’s fine against an Amazon warehouse manager for violating employees’ rights to privacy in the workplace once again raises questions about what constitutes an overzealous approach to employee monitoring and why companies fail to recognize the signs.

Amazon warehouse


Examining precedent set by French DPA’s Amazon employee monitoring fine


The decision by France’s data regulator to fine an Amazon warehouse manager for breaches of the General Data Protection Regulation over the way it monitored employee productivity raises questions about the reach data protection authorities have over corporate conduct.

Google HQ

News Brief

Alphabet to pay shareholders $350M over Google+ privacy lapses


Alphabet, the parent company of technology giant Google, agreed to pay $350 million in a preliminary settlement with shareholders over alleged data privacy violations and materially false and misleading statements linked to now-defunct social media site Google+.

Data privacy


Compliance with growing number of U.S. privacy laws ‘a matter of culture change’


Different deadlines associated with the 13 U.S. state privacy laws currently on the books, including grace periods and enforcement dates, have proven challenging for compliance, experts discussed at CW’s Cyber Risk & Data Privacy Summit.


News Brief

Uber facing $11M fine over driver privacy rights violations


Ride-hailing company Uber Technologies was assessed a penalty of €10 million (U.S. $11 million) by the Dutch Data Protection Authority for alleged privacy rights violations regarding the handling of European drivers’ personal data.

Meta Platforms


Meta’s ‘pay or consent’ model to force GDPR to adapt?


Experts weigh in on Meta’s plans to charge EU users monthly if they do not want to be tracked for online advertising and what the ramifications of the model would mean for the future of the General Data Protection Regulation.

California flag

News Brief

Calif. AG launches sweep into streaming apps’ compliance with CCPA


California Attorney General Rob Bonta announced the launch of an investigative sweep targeting popular streaming apps and devices, alleging noncompliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act.


News Brief

ICO seeking input on generative AI to inform guidance


The U.K. Information Commissioner’s Office is seeking input from developers, users, and those interested in generative artificial intelligence to help inform policy and guidance regarding the technology.

Amazon trucks

News Brief

Amazon unit fined $35M under GDPR for employee productivity tracking


Amazon’s warehouse management arm in France was assessed a penalty of €32 million (U.S. $35 million) for violating the General Data Protection Regulation by excessively tracking the productivity of employees.


News Brief

GDPR-minded Microsoft offers cloud customers EU-based personal data storage


Microsoft announced an expansion to its European Union data storage efforts that would allow cloud customers to keep all personal data stored within the EU boundary.

Location data

News Brief

FTC bans Outlogic from selling sensitive location data in landmark action


Data broker Outlogic will be subject to the Federal Trade Commission’s first ban on the use, sale, or disclosure of sensitive location data as part of a proposed order announced by the agency.



CPPA preview: Cybersecurity audit regs nearing formal proposal


Companies with business in California could face tough new cybersecurity mandates under draft regulations that could be headed for formal rulemaking as soon as Friday.

Rite Aid building


Compliance lessons from Rite Aid facial recognition case


The Federal Trade Commission was clear in its recent enforcement action against Rite Aid regarding its expectations for companies using facial recognition technology or any biometric security or surveillance systems.

Facial recognition


Ethical compliance for facial recognition technology

2024-01-04T14:30:00+00:00By Manorama Kulkarni, CW guest columnist

The lack of clear regulations and guidelines for the ethical use of facial recognition technology further exacerbates concerns of discriminatory practices and potential infringements on human rights.

Child Privacy

News Brief

FTC seeking comment on proposed COPPA enhancements


The Federal Trade Commission issued a notice of proposed rulemaking to strengthen data security requirements and modernize certain aspects of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Rule.

AI globe


Shades of GDPR? Experts assess AI Act as global standard


As the European Union’s AI Act sets its sights on 2026 to take full effect, experts are concerned other key jurisdictions might introduce divergent legislation that treats artificial intelligence use differently, thus making it difficult for companies to ensure compliance.

Rite Aid

News Brief

Rite Aid gets 5-year facial recognition use ban from FTC


Retail pharmacy chain Rite Aid agreed to a five-year ban on its use of facial recognition technology for surveillance purposes as part of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission.



Assessing impact of court ruling on GDPR strict liability


The idea companies can be held “strictly liable” for violations of the European Union’s privacy rules was shot down, following a judgment from Europe’s top court relating to a case involving German property company Deutsche Wohnen.



Top ethics and compliance failures of 2023


A virtual currency exchange that sought to mislead regulators, banks failing after ignoring obvious risks, and a manufacturer that sold millions of its products in violation of U.S. export controls are among those that make up CW’s list of the biggest ethics and compliance fails of 2023.

Data privacy


Experts: More privacy rules, enforcement expected in 2024


Businesses can prepare for a bumpy ride as the 2024 global landscape of data privacy and other related laws and regulations begins to take shape.

Germany privacy

News Brief

Deutsche Wohnen earns CJEU win in high-profile GDPR appeal


German property company Deutsche Wohnen’s court win regarding a penalty levied against it for alleged violations of the General Data Protection Regulation carries notable ramifications for enforcement of the EU privacy law.



Automated decision-making tech rules added to crowded CPPA agenda


The California Privacy Protection Agency drafted its rules to apply the rights allowed to residents under the California Consumer Privacy Act to automated decision-making technology used by businesses.

Phone apps vector


Compliance officers share lack of faith in off-channel comms monitoring policies


Addressing employee use of off-channel communications for conducting business was clearly on the minds of compliance officers who responded to our “Inside the Mind of the CCO” survey, but their confidence in their related policies and procedures was surprisingly weak.


News Brief

Medical center to pay $80K for Covid-19 patient info shared with media


Saint Joseph’s Medical Center agreed to pay $80,000 as part of a settlement with the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights for potential violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

NatWest building


Experts: ICO apology to ex-CEO does not absolve NatWest of GDPR liability


Just because Alison Rose received a public apology from the U.K. Information Commissioner’s Office regarding the suggestion she might have violated the General Data Protection Regulation doesn’t mean NatWest could avoid sanction.


News Brief

Axpo Italia fined $10.5M in GDPR case over data processing


Axpo Italia, a producer and trader of renewable energy products, was penalized under the General Data Protection Regulation by the Italian data protection authority for processing inaccurate and outdated personal data of customers.



CPE Webcast: Privacy 201: Moving from concepts to implementation

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In a world where privacy regulations are in constant flux, it’s essential to transition from mere concepts and sporadic projects to build a robust, adaptable, and sustainable privacy program.



The value of sales and compliance allyship

2023-11-02T15:00:00+00:00By Al Raymond, CW guest columnist

“Every compliance activity is a sales activity,” writes Al Raymond, privacy compliance officer at ZoomInfo, regarding his team’s approach to demonstrate to sales how a strong control environment can be a competitive advantage.

Health data

News Brief

Medical management company to pay $100K in landmark HHS ransomware case


Doctors’ Management Service agreed to pay $100,000 in settling the first ransomware agreement under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act reached by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights.

Pilar Caballero, Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Privacy Officer, Ryder Systems


Digital Transformation of Compliance podcast: Ryder CCO Pilar Caballero


In this episode of the Digital Transformation of Compliance podcast series, Pilar Caballero, chief compliance officer and chief privacy officer at Ryder, discusses her company’s process for vetting privacy concerns regarding use of new technologies.


News Brief

FCA flags potential regulatory breaches at NatWest regarding Farage scandal


An independent review into how NatWest handled the closure of politician Nigel Farage’s Coutts account uncovered potential regulatory breaches by the bank that are on the radar of the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority.


News Brief

CFPB eyes open banking with financial data rights rule proposal


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is moving forward its plan to give consumers more control over their personal financial data as part of a new rule proposal.

onetrust 2022 300x200


CPE Webcast: TPRM privacy compliance: 10 best practices when working with third parties

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Businesses are facing an increasing amount of pressure to protect their customers’ data and demonstrate privacy compliance. At the same time, for most modern organizations, more data is flowing to third parties than ever before.

Cybersecurity network


Modern-day enterprises: How to prepare for and prove network compliance

2023-10-17T13:46:00+01:00By Matt Honea, CW guest columnist

The need to prove network compliance is intensifying as lawmakers introduce new privacy legislation and organizations update their contractual security requirements for third-party vendors.


News Brief

EOS Matrix battles back against Croatian DPA in $5.8M GDPR case


Debt collector EOS Matrix said it will challenge a General Data Protection Regulation penalty levied against it by the Croatian data protection authority after finding the data in question in the case does not match the data in its database.

Online Database


Expert: How data hoarding increases businesses’ cyber risks


Holding on to data for longer than necessary creates vulnerabilities for businesses by giving cyberattackers more avenues to access an organization’s computer systems.

Safe bank


Bank privacy processes questioned after U.K. ‘debanking’ scandal


The furor over NatWest Group’s decision to monitor and close the account of right-wing Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage—and then disclose the details to a journalist—has raised questions regarding whether other banks employ the same means to get rid of undesirable customers.



CPPA eyeing broad scope in early discussions around data risk assessments


Draft risk assessment regulations under the California Consumer Privacy Act are designed to prohibit businesses from handling consumer data if uncontrolled risks—to the security and privacy of the consumer, the public, or the business—outweigh the benefits.

TikTok building

News Brief

TikTok fined $368M in children’s privacy GDPR ruling


The Irish Data Protection Commission announced a penalty of €345 million (U.S. $368 million) against popular social media company TikTok over alleged violations of the General Data Protection Regulation during a five-month period in 2020.


News Brief

Google to pay $93M in California location data settlement


Google agreed to pay $93 million as part of a settlement with the state of California regarding its location data privacy practices. The agreement is separate from a related $391.5 million settlement Google previously reached with a coalition of other states.


News Brief

HHS orders L.A. Care to pay $1.3M over apparent HIPAA violations


L.A. Care Health Plan agreed to pay $1.3 million to settle allegations by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services it potentially violated the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act.



Fallout from ‘debanking’ scandal suggests more U.K. bank reforms coming


The former CEO of NatWest’s decision to leak client details to the press regarding Nigel Farage is likely to cost the financial industry millions in new compliance checks as U.K. regulators prepare reviews into how banks treat people with extreme political views.

California skyline


California cybersecurity audit rule scope begins taking shape at CPPA meeting


A final version of California’s cybersecurity audit rules likely won’t be released until later next year at the earliest, according to a rough timeline discussed by the California Privacy Protection Agency.