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    Report calls out gender disparity among engagement partners


    As audit firms disclose who performs public company audits, gender diversity is emerging as the first major concern regarding audit engagement leadership.

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    U.K. gender pay gap: What it means and what happens when you don’t report


    With the U.K.’s deadlines for gender pay reporting having passed, we examine what consequences those that haven’t reported might face and take a look at some results conducted by an independent analytics firm.

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    REIT industry shows lackluster board diversity


    Compared to the S&P 500 or the FTSE 100, the REIT industry has a long way to go when it comes to promoting board diversity, writes Paul Hodgson.

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    SEC will revisit board diversity disclosures


    In the coming weeks, the Securities and Exchange Commission will revisit its existing requirement to disclose board-level diversity, Chairman Mary Jo White said this week during a speech in San Francisco. The goal is to improve reporting requirements that have proven to be ineffective, she says.

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    Women on boards: non-executive progress, executive stagnation


    A new study of female representation on boards ranks Norway first, with women comprising, on average, 38.7 percent of total board membership. Switzerland ranks dead last, with average representation of women at just 16.1 percent. Paul Hodgson provides an in-depth look at the results.

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    Regulators Finalize Dodd-Frank Diversity Policies


    Under a Dodd-Frank Act requirement, federal banking regulators, the SEC, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have issued a formal policy for assessing the diversity policies and practices of the entities they regulate. The regulators call for a “model assessment” that would include a self-assessment by each covered entity of ...

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    Pension Funds Ask SEC for Board Diversity Rule


    A coalition of state treasurers and pension funds has petitioned the SEC for new disclosure requirements on board diversity. They want a new rule that adds gender, racial, and ethnic diversity data to current disclosures dictated by Regulation S-K, which only requires companies to identify the minimum skills, experiences, and ...

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    Germany's Push For Gender Diversity in the Boardroom Gains Traction


    A shifting regulatory landscape in Germany has paved the way for more women to hold supervisory seats in the boardroom. To promote greater gender diversity, across the board, this regulation sets quotas on the country’s public and private sectors. Now, corporate Germany will have to award at least 30 percent ...