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    CFPB resurrects consumer advisory boards


    CFPB Director Kathleen Kraninger has reinstated the agency’s consumer advisory boards. It is currently accepting applications for members to serve on those boards, which were disbanded last year by her predecessor.

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    Critics blast CFPB’s plan to weaken payday lender rules


    Critics are taking their shots against the CFPB for attempting to scale back its rules covering payday lenders. Lawmakers are also questioning the Bureau’s retreat from negotiating enforcement settlements that fail to include monetary restitution for customers.

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    Will Kraninger bring change to the CFPB?


    With the Senate confirmation of new director Kathy Kraninger on Dec. 6, critics and supporters alike are pondering the future of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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    CFPB nominee stonewalls way through Senate hearing


    Kathy Kraninger is likely to prevail as President Trump’s nominee to head the CFPB, despite her evasive performance during a hearing before the Senate Banking Committee.