My Compliance Library

Richard Bistrong checks in with occasional reviews on books he thinks would be helpful for compliance practitioners.


‘The Culture Map’ reminds CCOs context is everything


In his latest book review, Richard Bistrong explores Erin Meyer’s look at how global messages and programs need to be developed and understood on a country-by-country basis, as well as asking several compliance professionals their thoughts.


My Compliance Library: Embedding nature and care into CCO job


In his latest book review, Richard Bistrong explores Paul J. Zak’s theory on how building relationships with colleagues and keeping communications honest and vulnerable is key to establishing a high-performing company.


My Compliance Library: How to create a ‘Fearless Organization’


Richard Bistrong explains how Amy C. Edmondson’s book on organizational health relies on the idea that employees are not governed by fear, but rather empowered by a safe environment that embraces honesty and candor.


My Compliance Library: Compliance lessons of fusing brand and culture


Richard Bistrong takes an in-depth look at Denise Lee Yohn’s, “Fusion, How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies,” which offers organizations a model for merging internal values with external branding and guides the compliance function in linking stated values to operations.

My Compliance Library: 'China's Crony Capitalism'


In China’s Crony Capitalism, we see a system that is endemically corrupt and nearly impossible to reform. Richard Bistrong explores the 2016 novel by Minxin Pei.

My Compliance Library: Latest books show the way to better ethical decision making


Workplace pressures can challenge even the most ethically stalwart, so how can we better frame tough ethical dilemmas and better see when we’re compromising our own values?