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  • LatinAmericaFlags

    New index assesses Latin America’s anti-corruption efforts


    Chief compliance officers and chief risk officers will want to check out a new index that assesses Latin American countries’ ability to uncover, punish, and deter corruption.

  • Globalbribery

    A global look at anti-bribery enforcement activity


    TRACE International’s 2018 Global Enforcement Report serves as an insightful resource for companies seeking information on which countries are enforcing anti-bribery laws and which countries are beleaguered by bribery and corruption issues.

  • Article

    A look at corruption risk in Latin America


    Two new corruption reports, assessed together, provide compliance officers and risk officers a comprehensive look at bribery risk in the Latin America and Caribbean region.

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    Global anti-bribery enforcement on the rise


    Sharing information and expanding enforcement pipelines are fueling a global crackdown on corruption in general, but especially in the extractive industry.

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    A country-by-country assessment of bribery risk


    The 2016 TRACE Matrix is out, but is its data on international bribery hotspots better than Transparency International’s data? Jaclyn Jaeger explores.

  • Blog post

    Trace International launches first global beneficial ownership registry


    TRACE International, a non-profit business association that pools resources to provide members with anti-bribery compliance support, today launched TRACEpublic, the first global registry of beneficial ownership, developed in direct response to the risks inherent in secret company ownership, highlighted by the Panama Papers.

  • Blog post

    Report: Europe makes up majority of U.S. bribery investigations


    The majority of U.S. investigations and enforcement actions concerning alleged bribery of foreign officials conducted against non-U.S. companies and individuals involved companies or individuals from Europe, according to a new report issued by anti-bribery group TRACE International. Companies or individuals from Europe made up approximately 71 percent of U.S. bribery ...