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  • Bart Naylor

    Counterpoint: Crowds need to wise up


    Public Citizen’s Bartlett Naylor advises careful consideration of current crowdfunding rules before considering a cap raise.

  • Douglas Ellenoff Website Photo

    Point: Benefits of crowdfunding


    Attorney Douglas Ellenoff discusses why raising the crowdfunding cap boosts the fundraising method’s benefits.

  • Blog

    SEC urged to boost crowdfunding cap


    Crowdfunding evangelists are asking the SEC to consider raising the investment cap under Regulation Crowdfunding from $1 million to $20 million.

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    Legislation seeks to extend applicability of SEC's Reg A+


    Keeping with efforts to improve capital formation, the House of Representatives has approved legislation that would extend applicability of the SEC's Regulation A+.

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    SEC adopts slate of JOBS Act amendments


    The SEC has announced ammendments to JOBS Act-related rulemaking pertaining to crowdfunding, securities offerings, and emerging growth companies. The changes adjust certain thresholds for inflation.

  • Article

    Crowdfunding risks put spotlight on investor protection


    Crowdfunding is a revolutionary tool for capital formation. Dealing with its risks may provide a catalyst for fresh thinking about investor protections.

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    SEC to host crowdfunding symposium


    The Securities and Exchange Commission announced that it will host a crowdfunding symposium Feb. 28, covering research, challenges, opportunities, and the effects of securities-based crowdfunding on various market participants. Jaclyn Jaeger reports.

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    SEC, NASAA sign info-sharing agreement for crowdfunding


    The North American Securities Administrators Association, representing the interests of state securities agencies, and the Securities and Exchange Commission signed an information-sharing agreement as new rules to facilitate intrastate crowd-funding offerings and regional offerings take effect. Jaclyn Jaeger has more.

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    RedCrow appoints chief compliance officer


    RedCrow, a new equity crowdfunding platform, has appointed Chris Laia as general counsel and chief compliance officer. Laia will report to RedCrow CEO and Founder Brian Smith.

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    SEC debates regulatory approach to FinTech


    The need to balance FinTech innovations with investor protections was the underlying message at a day-long forum held by the Securities and Exchange Commission on Nov. 14. Joe Mont reports.

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    SEC adopts intrastate offering rules, expands Reg D


    The SEC has adopted rules that modernize how companies can raise money through intrastate offerings. It also increased the current Regulation D limit on offerings from $1 million to $5 million.

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    States propose crowdfunding filings


    With an SEC rule enabling equity crowdfunding now in effect, and portals to facilitate that process under review, the North American Securities Administrators Association has announced a proposed model rule and uniform notice filing form for federal crowdfunding offerings. Joe Mont reports.

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    Regulators walk a tightrope when it comes to innovation, disruption


    It was once an understood fact of life that regulators are reactive, not proactive, when it comes to rulemaking and industry standards. Now, with disruptive technology and sharing services evolving from quaint ideas to multi-billion- dollar enterprises, some are starting to shake off that reputation, albeit cautiously. Joe Mont has ...

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    SEC Files Crowdfunding Fraud Complaint


    In the same month that the Securities and Exchange Commission approved Regulation Crowdfunding, permitting startups and small businesses to raise capital by offering and selling securities through crowdfunding, the agency also filed its first complaint for crowdfunding fraud. The case highlights the emerging risk posed by online fundraising for the ...

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    SEC Approves Crowdfunding, Plots Changes to Reg D Offerings


    Nearly four years in the making, the SEC has approved Regulation Crowdfunding, permitting startups and small businesses to raise capital by offering and selling securities through crowdfunding. The Commission also advanced proposals that, if approved at a later date, will amend rules pertaining to capital formation through the Regulation D ...

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    SEC Readies Crowdfunding Rule for Friday Vote


    The wait is over. On Oct. 30, the Securities and Exchange Commission will vote on long-delayed rulemaking, mandated by the JOBS Act,that will allow for the offer and sale of securities. A proposed rule, dating back to October 2013, established guidelines for investors and rules for issuers that want ...