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  • Fornellicrop

    Cindy Fornelli: The auditor’s CCO


    Cindy Fornelli leads the Center for Audit Quality, acting as chief compliance officer and stressing the importance of truly proactive and strategic compliance efforts for audit, rather than a check-the-box mentality.

  • Beeghlycrop

    Brian Beeghly: The change agent


    Brian Beeghly uses his experience in building better ethics and compliance programs to create technology solutions that could be at the forefront of changing the discipline of compliance itself.

  • Naughtoncrop

    Steve Naughton: Evolving with the profession


    Steve Naughton has held high-profile compliance and ethics jobs at Pepsi and Kimberly-Clark. As he moves onto a new challenge, he reflects upon a career that has continually evolved and the changing corporate mindset regarding compliance.

  • Turancrop

    K.C. Turan: Compliance and caduceus


    K.C. Turan has a holistic perspective through which he views compliance. And given his position in the challenging field of healthcare compliance, perspective is the coin of the realm.

  • Wallacecrop

    Richard Wallace: Failure is not an option


    Thanks to the work of CFO Richard Wallace and an enterprise-wide effort to build a world-league compliance program, the Options Clearing Corp. doesn’t strive to just meet current regulatory requirements, it lives by a set of internal expectations that exceeds the mandatory.

  • Taylorcrop

    Alison Taylor: A just and sustainable world


    Alison Taylor is passionate about helping organizations understand how they can improve their ethical, governance, compliance, and operational existence to create organizations that aren’t just good at being better, but are also better at doing good.

  • Katzcrop

    Joel Katz: Walking the talk


    Joel Katz’s legal acumen and communication skills have enabled him to build a robust compliance program that blends the hard facts of the law with the soft science of human nature.

  • Lamberthcrop

    Mike Lamberth: Shepherding the future of compliance


    Mike Lamberth, managing vice president of compliance for Capital One Financial, was on the job as compliance programs first started to become ubiquitous. His vision for the profession: a continuing evolution that combines talents, keeps pace with regulatory change, realizes the positive disruption technology will bring, and does all this ...

  • Niebankcrop

    Kami Niebank: Rising to the challenge


    Kami Niebank is CalPERS’ interim chief compliance officer and guides compliance efforts at the largest public pension fund in the United States. She is also overseeing an ambitious five-year compliance plan that will alternately refine and overhaul the entire compliance regime.

  • Michaelsoncrop

    Christopher Michaelson: A man of letters


    Bill Coffin catches up with Christopher Michaelson, who works as a professor of ethics and business, as well as a practicing business advisor. By keeping a foot in both the academic and practical worlds, Michaelson sees a path forward for ethics and compliance not just as a professional or as ...

  • Barringtoncrop

    Robert Barrington: A world without graft


    Jaclyn Jaeger talks with Robert Barrington, an authority on global corruption, corporate bribery, and corruption within the United Kingdom, who heads the U.K.’s branch of Transparency International, the world’s leading anti-corruption organization.

  • Halfengercrop

    Alan Halfenger: The true believer


    Alan Halfenger stumbled into compliance more than two decades ago, but in the time since then, he has not only come to embrace and embody what it means to be a strong compliance professional, he has made it his mission to spread the word far and wide on what tomorrow’s ...

  • Khalifehcrop

    Fouad Khalifeh: The risk manager


    Fouad Khalifeh, the group chief compliance officer for Fransabank, has utilized his expertise in risk management to allow his bank to thrive, despite the many geopolitical risk challenges that surround him.

  • Huntcrop

    Ellen Hunt: The accidental expert


    Bill Coffin talks with Ellen Hunt, chief ethics and compliance officer at the AARP, recently chosen as one of 12 compliance experts and featured in Compliance Week’s exclusive Top Minds edition.