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  • David Lefort

    ‘Coming Clean’ case study not just a Volkswagen story


    Volkswagen’s recently concluded three-year monitorship is chronicled in CW’s latest in-depth case study: “Coming Clean: Volkswagen’s Dieselgate scandal and compliance monitorship.” It will be published for members during the week of May 17.

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    Shareholders seeking $10.6 billion from VW over emissions disclosure


    Shareholders seeking damages worth €9.2 billion (U.S. $10.6 billion) have taken German car giant Volkswagen to court in Germany for failing to inform them fully of the financial impact that the emissions cheating scandal would have on the company’s share price.

  • Blog post

    How suppliers facilitate fraud and corruption


    Compliance officers should always remember there is a bribe receiver in a corruption case. That is why it is important to know not only your third party, but also with whom you are doing business.

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    VW: The comeback begins


    VW is currently demonstrating it can use a corporate scandal to wipe the corporate slate clean by refocusing on the emerging technologies for a greater business share.

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    Germans arrest VW executive


    Will the recent arrest of VW former Chief Engineer Wolfgang Harz mean more prosecutions of those involved in the worldwide cover-up of the emissions testing scandal? Tom Fox has more.

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    VW enters a new penalty phase


    A significant source of funding or loan guarantees for VW may have become impaired, making the emissions-testing scandal and the attendant penalty phase potentially even more damaging for the automaker.

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    Change in prosecutorial strategy in VW case?


    The recent arrest of an italian citizen in Germany, a former VW employee, may mean the government intends to bring charges against lower-level employees in an attempt to get them to flip on senior employees who were involved in the fraud.

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    German Chancellor questioned in VW scandal


    What did German Chancellor Angela Merkel know and when did she know it? A German parliamentary investigation seeks to uncover the truth about how much Merkel knew about diesel emissions standards and the VW case.

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    Oliver Schmidt—not quite Sgt. Schultz


    “I see nothing! I hear nothing! I know nothing!” seems to be the rallying cry of former head of emissions compliance in the U.S. for Volkswagen Oliver Schmidt, who claims during the VW scandal, “he was a minor player misled by company lawyers and information technology specialists.”

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    VW: Fraud at the top?


    More bad news for Volkswagen, as German authorities have expanded their investigation to 37 individuals from 21, including former CEO Martin Winterkorn. Tom Fox reports.

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    The optics couldn’t be worse—VW departs its CCO


    Barely a year after Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt took the position of head of compliance at Volkswagen, she is leaving the company. The Man From FCPA Tom Fox reports.

  • Blog post

    Next in line for regulatory troubles, Fiat?


    Fiat, which was recently flagged by the EPA for pollution violations, could be a reminder to companies to scour the news for details on any regulatory investigations of their peers and perhaps to begin scrutinizing their own books and records, says The Man From FCPA Tom Fox.

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    On the death of the ‘rogue engineer’


    For The Man from FCPA Tom Fox, the most interesting thing about the Volkswagen indictments were not that ‘rogue engineers’ were charged but that executives who participated in the cover-up were indicted.

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    Second VW exec arrested: those pesky e-mails


    As the recent arrest of another VW executive (this time in the United States) unfolds, The Man From FCPA Tom Fox ponders whether VW will actively assist U.S. law enforcement authorities in performing a substantive internal investigation.

  • Blog post

    When the regulators fail


    Tom Fox looks at an untapped area of concern with the Volkswagen emissions scandal: Why did no EU regulator catch on earlier?

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    Will VW impact international settlements for bribery and corruption?


    The Man From FCPA Tom Fox explores the fallout from VW’s emissions-testing scandal and how the company will make restitution going forward to its customers, dealers, and other stakeholders.

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    Potential VW criminal resolution—an early test for Yates Memo?


    A look at potential VW criminal resolutions brings up several questions, says Tom Fox, around  type of resolution; individual liability; and more. Will this test the DoJ’s Yates Memo?

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    What states’ suit against VW means for corporate officer liability


    New York, Maryland, and Massachusetts are claiming that top managers at VW were either specifically involved in the development and implementation of vehicle defeat devices, or knew of the issues that led to their creation. What does this mean for VW’s future—and, for that matter, what does it mean for ...

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    Of power and responsibility


    With great power comes great responsibility. The Norwegian Oil Fund already knows that, but it appears the company will give the entire world a responsiblity lesson as it takes more interest in the corporate governance policies of those firms in which it invests. The Man From FCPA Tom Fox has ...

  • Blog post

    Don’t put illegal conduct in power point slide presentations


    “Death by PowerPoint” is a typical description of really poor presentation technique, but it might just be a way to describe how some companies accidentally self-report their own corruption. Tom Fox has more.